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HC HVAC & R Network  If you think the use of Humidifier As simple as 1 +1 = 2, if you think that those who spread the long-living habits will come in handy for my use, then you are wrong.

Many of our familiar habits are actually wrong, the wrong habits mislead us into the “habit into a natural” trap.

Humidifier plus tap water mistake Humidifier do you use? This problem may make many people laugh, simply plug in power, equipment can be used in Sheung Shui Small appliances What do I need to use it? The answer is yes.

In fact, the humidifier from the added water, placed in the position to open the time, use all pay attention to air quality.

Popular humidifier in winter How popular this winter humidifier? Reporter of West District, Huanggu District conducted a survey. In the supermarket, home appliances stores, nearly a variety of humidifiers have been placed in a conspicuous location, the price in the range from 100 yuan to a thousand dollars, Huanggu Area with a large supermarket staff surnamed Chen told reporters, 100 especially popular around the humidifier, around 10 units sold every day.

Whether to use the press for the humidifier, how long to open, add any water, the use habits of the random survey, interviewed 25 people, there is 17, said home or office use.

Humidifier in your house will be open for how long? Are using the humidifiers 17 people, there are 8 more than 8 hours use time. Miss Lin, which is typical in accounting, she told reporters: “Every time using humidifier close to 20 hours.” Respiratory diseases are prone to cause excessive wetting

Fourth People’s Hospital of Shenyang City Department of Respiratory Medicine, said Tian Jun, director, humidifier, although the role of wetting, but definitely not to use the longer the better. For many of the usual 10 hours or even longer, the habit of using the humidifier, Tian Jun believe that this is wrong.

Why do people always think in the summer chest tightness, shortness of breath, the reason is that increased air humidity. Because the human body can adapt to the humidity, and only at a reasonable humidity, people can feel comfortable, if excessive moisture, increasing Indoor Air Humidity, very easily lead to indoor air humidity, leading to respiratory stick Membrane Discomfort, resulting in reduced immunity. Some have asthma, upper respiratory tract infection patients more susceptible to stimulation, leading to exacerbations.

In addition, moist environment, bacteria, fungi are also easy to breed, detrimental to human health.

Canada Pure water , Boiled water or distilled water

Let you use any water inside the humidifier? In the random survey, 17 respondents said the increase is all the public water supply. Only a young lady named Lin said, a few drops of perfume in the water Riga, to keep the air fresh.

Tian Jun said that although the added water convenient, but if the volatile impurities in tap water out, can cause respiratory damage, adverse health. Because tap water contains calcium minerals, organic components, inorganic components, bleaching powder and other impurities. Once the volatiles into the air so long, it may cause harm to the human body, and so may irritate the respiratory system. And distilled water, pure water does not exist such hidden cost is too high if you use pure water, Tian Jun proposal, there is a simple way is to boil water, let cool and then placed in the humidifier. Spray on the face, mouth blown

wrong Multi-use humidifier 25 to 30-year-old young women.

Engaged in clerical work, said Ms. Huang, the Office of the humidifier on at the table, so spray mouth against his face, put in this position to save space, can be placed precisely align the height of the face, on the same as the spray, in time to add water. Such as Miss Lo, quite a few reporters in the Huanggu District office of a company that is about 1 m high between the intersections of the grid, placed more than ten humidifier. Reporter noted that most of the spray humidifier, I placed too close from the face.

Director of Liaoning Provincial People’s Hospital of Dermatology, Chen Shu-table analysis, humidifier device is not a beauty, the role of humidification can not substitute for beauty products. If you indulge in the humidifier blowing against face, and possibly counterproductive. Attached to the water evaporates in the face, but also will face its own moisture away, so that repeated wetting, drying of the face makes itself even more dry. Therefore, the humidifier is best positioned far away from the human point of use to vent blow away, as far as possible away from the face.

Table Jong Suk to remind readers that excessive dependence on humidifier, absolutely not desirable. The overall environment of the north in winter is very dry, humidifier can not be expected to change Indoor Environment Really must be kept wet, had to skin care products from the daily diet, drink plenty of water to start, for example: due to increase in winter and strong moisturizing skin care products, and more appropriate Drinking water And so on.