1 Simple Method To Increase Fitness And Lose Weight-and It Is Free

Sure, you may not have enough time for exercise. Given todays tiring times, thats not just a legitimate excuse, it may well actually be the truth. But unfortunately, your body is not likely to listen to any pleas for immunity from your daily calorie-burning sessions.

One way you can ensure you can get some exercise in is by putting in place a personal ban on the elevator. Always make sure you climb the stairs whenever possible. It may seem like a bothersome chore, but this simple exercise is packed with benefits, some of which may surprise you.

1)Its free!
It doesnt include having to pay membership charges, and the facilities are right there, all over town. I dont suggest you climb all the way to the 57th floor, for example (although there are people wholl do that as well!), but climb up to whatever floor you think reasonable and temporarily lift the ban on that elevator. Only temporarily, mind you!

2)Its an arthritis buster
Regular exercise for your knees is very important, and for all joints at large. One way to ensure that your body gets this exercise is by climbing stairs as often as possible. Research has shown that people who choose the escalator over the stairs have chances of arthritis greatly reduced and who wouldnt want that?

3)Its very good exercise
Climbing up stairs regularly can burn those calories faster than youd think. Granted, its not as effective as a game of squash, or a dozen laps in the pool, but it doesnt neighbor anything sedentary on the activity scale. Do it often enough, and youll find yourself surprisingly fit and active.

4)Youre doing your bit for conservation
Its green, after all not using the elevator, that is. You are doing your bit for saving up on electricity, and youre doing it in a way that helps you reduce your weight.

All in all, taking the steps rather than riding the elevator has the potential to get you started on that first step towards a healthy lifestyle. It may not amount to much, but it is noticeable give it a try!