10 best ways to avoid road accidents

When you are injured in a road accident, your everyday life can change. You may  have to take time off work because of your injuries, and you may require surgery and rehabilitation if you suffer a serious accident.

If you have suffered injury after a road accident that was not your fault, you could be entitled to claim compensation for pain suffering, damage to your vehicle and other related expenses, including medical costs and loss of income. Nearly 300,000 accidents take place on UK roads each year, which are caused by a number of reasons.

Speeding and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are major causes of road accidents, and driver error accounts for 90% of all road traffic accidents.

There are ways to avoid road traffic accidents, however, and these include:

1.When backing out  of a parking spot, always check behind you, as well as left and right to see if a car or person is approaching. Children running between parked cars in urban areas is also a hazard, so take extra care to look all around the car before you reverse.

2.Wait for a few seconds after the traffic light has turned green before accelerating. Many accidents are caused by people jumping red lights, and if they are coming in the opposite direction to you or from either side of a junction, it could prove fatal. Take your time to make sure all roads are clear in front of you, and that no vehicles are approaching at speed.

3.Always make sure your headrest is at the right position, which is level with the top of your head. If you are involved in a car accident, particularly a rear-end shunt or a head on crash, your head and neck will be cushioned, reducing the effects of impact.

4.When you change lanes in traffic, make sure you turn back and have a quick look in your rear view mirror, to spot any upcoming vehicle. Check the blind spot before switching lanes, as this can result in a serious accident, particularly on motorways.

5.Remember that the lorries travelling beside your car can´t see you, and you should slow down when you see a lorry nearby, and don´t stay in a motorway lane next to it for any period of time.

6.Keep your car in good condition, making sure the tyres are pumped up to the correct pressure, brakes are working, and all lights, including indicators are working properly. Also make sure windscreen wipers are working and in good condition.

7.Use your indicators properly, and get into the habit of always signalling, even if there is nobody else behind you. Give plenty of notice to the car behind if you intend to pull off the road or motorway in case they are distracted, and avoid a rear end collision.

8.Don´t drive too close to the car in front. If they stop suddenly, you will plough into the back of them, and if the car behind is also driving too fast, he could hit you, resulting in a multiple collision.

9.Don´t get in the habit of staring at the vehicle in front of you if you are on a long journey. Keep moving your eyes to your rear view mirror, side view mirrors and further ahead, to avoid dangerous situations before they happen.

10.Always dim your lights at night when another car is approaching or when you are following behind a vehicle. Full beam can temporarily ´blind´ drivers, and cause accidents.

Contact a regulated solicitor if you have suffered injuries in a car accident which was not our fault, and you could receive a substantial compensation payout.