10 Natural and Effective Ways to Acne Free Skin – Part 1

This article lists Natural Acne solutions to help you become stay acne free. Acne solutions can be found throughout the internet, but do they really work? Are you now suffering from acne and looking for something that really works? Well, don’t worry, there really is good news.  Regardless of whether you’re a teenager or adult struggling with acne, you need not suffer anymore. 

I am about to show you 10 natural and very easy and effective ways to ditch your acne problem in this article.  So let’s get started.

– Many will have trouble with this one, but; don’t pick at, squeeze or even touch your pimples. This will cause an a fatty secretion called sebum to increase in production which will cause below the skin damage. 

– If your skin is clean, you will be less likely to suffer from the effects of bacteria. Washing your face twice a day will help. Use mild soup to avoid dry skin.  Better yet, use sulfur-based soap.  This will help fight the effects of acne. If you have really oily skin, use a soap that contains benzoyl peroxide.

Using abrasive spongers, brushes, or any other abrasive scrubbers is too harsh for your skin.  Be gentle when washing your face.

– Believe it or not, some foods DO cause acne.  Most doctors will tell you there is no connection; however, there has been studies done recently that say otherwise.  Food allergies can cause serious acne conditions

In general you should avoid oily and spicy foods. But, check with your doctor to be tested if you suspect you are allergic to a specific food.

– Drink plenty of water every day.  Recommendations are that we drink eight glasses of water a day. This helps remove toxins from your body and prevent acne break-outs.

– Wear makeup that is water based. Water based makeup doesn’t clog pores as much as other makeup, and you don’t have to use oils to remove it.  As mentioned previously, be sure to wash your face before you go to bed and clean your makeup brushes often.

– Your face is sensitive.  Oil based products tend to clog pores and therefore should not be used on your face at all.  Oil based facials and moisturizers should be avoided. 

– Though this was mentioned above, it is worth repeating. Don’t touch your face with your hands without washing them first.  Your head isn’t that heavy, don’t rest your chin on your hands.  Also, don’t pick at your face.  I know it is tempting, but don’t do it. 

Infections can be caused by the oil and dirt from your hands too.  Also, wash your hair regularly.  Your hair can also get oily and if it touches your face, can leave the oils on your face and clog your pores.  When you sleep, put your hair up out of your face.

– A good exercise routine can help get your blood flowing and circulating.  This helps will help eliminate toxins as well.  Also, as you know, exercise has other added benefits, such as keeping you in shape and helping your digestion.

– Acne can be caused by stress.  Some stress is good; however too much causes problems.  Studies have shown that the condition of your skin can improve or worsen due to stress.  Avoid stress through exercise as mentioned above.  Exercise works wonders on the body.

– Ahhhh, the great outdoors.  It is amazing what it can do for you.  Go outdoors and enjoy it.  Get plenty of sunshine and fresh air.  Go hiking, camping boating, fishing, or play sports, etc.  Use your imagination.

Vitamin D production is stimulated by sunshine.  Vitamin D is essential for health. Also, fresh air and sunshine can also reduce stress, as mentioned above, and increase oxygen to the skin. 

A word of caution though, the sun is good, but don’t overdo it by staying in the sun too long unprotected.  Heavily tanned and burnt skin lead to skin that cannot exfoliate fast enough and can lead to blocked pores, wrinkles and even skin cancer.