150 Stores Nationwide Sold The Five

The 11, 150 Five Star stores nationwide sold across the board “gains across the board.” Of Nanjing, for example, five-star Xinjiekou, Shanxi Road, the two supermarkets selling tens of millions of daily customer traffic to reach 100 000 per capita. In the category, the color TV, air conditioning, mobile phones, digital has become an absolute priority spending. Flat-panel TV sales accounted for 80% of TV sales.

10 color TV sets is a flat 8

Five-star statistics, during the holiday season to sell 10 units per color TV, LCD and plasma to account for 8 units, this is an unprecedented high percentage. It is an attractive flat-panel TV prices attracted many new houses are being renovated, or want to upgrade appliances to consumers. According to statistics, Five Star Golden Week 7 days flat sales rose 5 percent, year over year average price of color TV’s pieces last year increase by 20% to 30%. Five Star First Day Golden Week Xinjiekou store sold 324 units per hour LCD.

Flat this year, a notable feature is the consumer 40-inch, 42-inch, 46 inch best selling large size. As prices of LCD panels, LCD TV 32 inch less room for further price cuts have not, 11 the mainstream market, lower prices for more than 37-inch models are mostly large-screen LCD. This is also a major cause of large-screen easy to sell.

In the high-end digital mobile phones Selling Well

Digital cameras, 800 million to 10 million pixels, has a stylish appearance of the models to become mainstream consumer, the average piece average price of 2,500 yuan. SLR digital cameras and home use by consumers of all ages. Notebook computer, priced at 6,500 yuan or more models in fashion and in which HP, ASUS best selling brands.

Golden week than the most popular mobile phone counters together. Five Star Communications person in charge of mobile phones this year, Five Star 11 total national sales of 120% over last year with the increase. Five-Star appliances before the supermarkets mobile counter overcrowding, Xinjiekou store average sales per hour more than 800 mobile phones. One smart business mobile phone sales in all accounting for more than 30%. The price of 1,000 yuan to 1,200 yuan in mobile phone popular among young people in love.

Into buying the first element of an accurate demand

The past two years, when consumers buy more and more rational household appliances, in the past in order to price a hot chase, now changed to focus on the product itself, accurate demand a choice to buy the first element. Therefore, more than 42-inch LCD TVs, mobile phones around 3,000 yuan, the yuan’s double-door or three door refrigerators, energy-efficient air conditioning, a few thousand dollars, digital cameras, 10 million or more set of appliance packages, these previous Shaorenwenjin of high-end home appliances became popular trend. ERP data, according to the five-star show during the Golden Week this year, higher than usual sales the average price of 200-400 pieces per month, the average volume of transactions per customer for nearly 30 percent raise.