2 Best Hair Loss Treatment Options at Your Disposal

Are you among the 35 million American men who are constantly embarrassed by their hair loss? Have your friends started to joke and call you “cue ball”? Does a wig or shaved head seem inevitable to you? If so, you should know that it does not have to come to that. You’re looking for an effective hairloss treatment that will help you to live a more confident life. Here are a couple options that you have at your disposal.

1. Some Natural Help

Perhaps the least expensive hair loss treatment is the use and consumption of vitamins. General multivitamins are not only good for your health overall, but they have been shown to have some benefit in growing back lost hair. Even more effective than multivitamins are the specialty vitamins which have been produced to help slow hair loss, and also grow back lost hair. These are available at most drug and general stores, with the specialty vitamins usually costing more than multivitamins. While this method does have some beneficial effects, it is not enough to grow back hair on its own, and should be used in combination with other hair loss treatments.

2. Most Effective, But It’ll Cost You

While the above method is the least expensive but least effective, this hairloss treatment is the most effective, but also the most expensive by far. Thousands of men have had good success with hair transplantation surgery. The hair follicles on the back and sides of your head are more resistant to the growth-inhibiting chemical DHT, which is why most men only lose hair on top of their head. During the operation, these follicles are moved to the top of your head, so the hair is better able to grow there. Unfortunately, procedures such as this can cost in excess of $ 10,000, and often require a significant deposit before you will even be considered.