2006 Ford and GMC Light and Medium Duty Trucks

Eleven generations away from the original Ford F-series truck, the 2006 Ford F-150 came with 3 different Ford Truck Engine options to choose from. There was the 4.2 liter V6 F-150 Engine which came as a base model sporting 202 horsepower and 260 pounds per foot of torque. This Ford Truck Engine was an Essex with twelve valves and a much longer stroke than previous versions of the F-150 Engine. It was also one of the last regular V6 F-150 Engine options as after this 4.2 liter Ford Truck Engine, all other F-150s came with V8 engines or hybrid, eco-friendly versions of the V6 F-150 Engine.

The 2006 Ford F-150 was also available with a 4.6 liter V8 Ford Truck Engine that provided 231 horsepower and 293 pounds per foot of torque. Additionally, there was a 5.4 liter V8 Ford Truck Engine that gave up to 300 horsepower and a whopping 365 pounds per foot of torque. Both of these monster F-150 Engine options were Triton Ford Truck Engine models, the same Ford Truck Engine used in many Mustang and Thunderbird models.

Many times, due to use and maintenance inconsistencies, the Herculean bodies of these F-150 trucks can outlast the powerful F-150 Engine models in them. When this happens, in order to not allow the truck to go to waste, the best option is to replace the Ford Truck Engine with a used F-150 Engine. Simply replacing a failed Ford Truck Engine inside a 2006 F-150 with a used F-150 Engine will save you money and time and provide you with a quick, easy, and cheap way to get your truck back on the road. You will be investing in a road tested F-150 Engine that has been carefully and conscientiously removed from its previous vehicle and thoroughly checked for flaws by a professional mechanic. A used F-150 Engine is the most economical way to drastically increase the lifespan of your Ford F-150 when the original Ford Truck Engine has failed.

One of the best light duty General Motors trucks available in 2006 was the Sierra 1500. The light duty Sierra 1500 came with three different General Motors engines and there was an additional heavy duty engine option available if the other General Motors engines were too small for you. The base General Motors engines that came with 2006 Sierra 1500’s were 4.3 liter V6’s that provided 195 horsepower and 260 pounds per foot of torque. This was generally considered to be more than enough for most light work and these General Motors engines were popular options in the 2006 Sierra 1500.

If you needed something a little bigger in your Sierra 1500, there were also the 4.8 liter V8 General Motors engines which provided 270 horsepower and 285 pounds per foot of torque. Additionally there were the 5.3 liter V8 General Motors engines which gave 295 horsepower and 335 pounds per foot of torque.

These General Motors engines are tough and powerful but, once they eventually give out, the best way to save on money and time and get your trusty truck back on the road with minimal expense and delay is to look into used General Motors engines. Replacing failed General Motors engines with used General Motors engines is an excellent option that not only costs much less than buying a new car but is also safer and more environmentally friendly than using re-manufactured General Motors engines.