2009: How To Reflect On The Dairy Industry Forward – Liquid Milk, Yogurt – Food Industry

To “beef” What is worse go?

Dairy Is saving food, efficient, high chain associated with the new sunrise industry. From the upper reaches of grass, cattle and downstream production, logistics, dairy development in improving national constitution, the development of circular economy, but also driven millions of farmers to become rich, providing millions of jobs are for the current financial crisis, job pressure of the Chinese economy, but also of vital importance. The Chinese dairy industry wants to become bigger and stronger, we must train a group of advanced technology, excellent quality, large enterprises, establish China’s own brand milk.

Jian-Ping Jiang pointed out that in recent years, Dairy Industry in rapid growth, there has been a serious shortage of milk, market management and indeed, all enterprises are inappropriate and so on. Dairy enterprises, especially large enterprises should learn from lessons learned, to be frank to consumers, out of a crisis of confidence, set foot on a harmonious and healthy development.

Recent controversial ” OMP “Although six departments by the National Joint Expert certification will eventually recognized as safe, but OMP also revealed the incident to Mengniu As the representative of the domestic dairy product marketing, there are still impulsiveness, strict management in the enterprise and there is a certain gap between the world’s giants.

Experts point out that the gold in the previous decade, dairy development, dairy 50 percent growth in the world are in China. With the gradual growth in China dairy industry from quantitative expansion to the overall optimization, to the healthy development on the basis of continued rapid growth, Mengniu and other domestic dairy enterprises must learn the lessons from the crisis, remove the impulsive, strict management, encouraged to go for consumers devote more quality products, and actively with consumers timely, accurate and scientific communication. “Compared to the international dairy giants Mengniu and other domestic dairy enterprises is the lack of a greater gap between the mature attitude and sound qualities.” Long pointed out that this will become China’s dairy industry continues to “ox” go on compulsory .

Annual “national market leader in sales of brand information briefing”, “national large-scale retail enterprises of major economic indicators and the major commodity sales information conference,” With the arrival of Indian summer have held on March 22, the National Statistics Department released the China Industrial Information Center released data show that in 2008 the overall growth slowdown in China’s dairy industry, several major dairy giant still holds a leading position in China’s dairy industry, Mengniu Dairy market sales ranked first, The liquid milk, Yogurt Sales for the first. And 25 by the China Chamber of Commerce China National Commercial Information Center released data also show that, Mengniu liquid milk, yogurt, lactic acid Beverages And ice cream are the first.

For these data, the trade and consumers do not have too much objection, whether or Mengniu Dairy slowdown continued reelection, seemed to be expected. Concern is that this recent experience of the OMP Mengniu storm, can continue to maintain the industry in 2009, the first of the throne, to “cow” down. The foundation is still solid

We all know, 2008 is the Chinese dairy industry veritable “Year of Disaster” golden years by the Chinese dairy industry representation of consumer confusion, suddenly found that the most fatal problem is that once proud of the speed of development. In recent years, rapid development of the dairy industry, but also contaminated the fast moving consumer goods industry as a whole there is a common problem of excessive marketing, and now has to learn the lessons from the crisis, work hard to lay a solid basis for development of the industry back to health, sustainable development road time.

National “School Milk Scheme” Experts Committee, the Chinese dairy co-advisor Jiang Jianping researcher said: “Restricting the development of China’s dairy industry’s most prominent problem is the milk.” Key to solving this problem lies in the leading dairy enterprises should grasp milk, keeping with the international advanced management mode, to enhance breeding system, using advanced standardization of raw milk collection system and detection management system, promote the process of the domestic dairy ranch. The construction of large scale farm, is the only way. BOLA TANGKAS