3 Best Times of Year For Saving on Fishing Tackle

Customers like to save on fishing tackle whenever possible, at no time has this been more true because of recent tough economic times.

Traditionally there are a few times each year when there is likely to be more discount fishing tackle available. The reasons for this have to do with the normal cycles in the fishing tackle industry. First there are the natural seasons that create turnover in products. What was once hot in the spring is suddenly no longer a big seller in the summer and this applies to every season.

Retails stores often purchase fishing rods, lures, lines etc. based on sales projections from the previous year. Often times the same or similar conditions to materialize the following season and we are left with an overstock of products.

Aside from the seasonal rotation of products there are 3 other periods when there is likely to be a turnover if fishing gear. First is early in the year after the fishing tackle trade shows. All over the country from January through late March is the usual time for trade shows. These are the type of shows when vendors and retailers alike setup booths at large venues and the public is invited.

Often times store owners return from these shows with excess inventory and often they will be presented with tremendous buys from favorite vendors. The vendors make special offers to retailers and the retailers will pass along the saving s to customers.

The next big change over comes in mid summer (usually July) with what is know as the iCast show. This is a trade show for vendors where retailers are invited. This is the place to see all of the new and upcoming products for the new year. After this show is when product lines are phased out by manufacturers and retailers are allowed to put products on sale for well below the regular retail price.

The last but not least big savings time of the year is of course the holiday season. Not only do retail stores make special discount buys to offer to customers for the holidays it is of course also the time of year when most anglers are packing it in for winter so this is the time to closeout the hard goods like fishing rods, fishing reels and fishing lures.

No matter what type of fishing you enjoy and what time of year it may be there is always a a good deal on fishing tackle to be had somewhere due to the highly cyclical nature of our favorite sport.