3 Disastrous Body Building Mistakes You Must Be Aware Of – This Is Where Most People Go Dead Wrong

Today, we grow on a diet of wrestlers and body builders. They are swamped all over the place. We live with an alternate reality. We badly want to emulate these supermen but the resources in our tank are perhaps always short for these heroics. Today, however, there are many training centers which teach impeccable ways to build muscle mass.

These can help you build the muscles you always dreamt of and push you as heroes in your immediate social circle. Think of wearing those half sleeves flaunting those ready biceps or perhaps those tees which exhibit the muscle density on shoulders. However, youth is youth and tends to go overboard at times. This is where caution is a big key. Try being cautious and avoid those deadly bodybuilding mistakes. Let’s take up three of these.

Wrong use of steroid- all of us know that anabolic steroids mimic natural hormones of the body sand eke out a response from them. They gear up the process of protein synthesis and hence build up muscle mass in a fast space of time. But here is the caution. Youth see the fast effect and begin to take overdoses. Moreover, if they do not find the drugs over the counter, they look to take the wrong route of illegal purchases. This is where wrong supplements are sold to them. These can have poor withdrawal symptoms.

Sleep and relax- no body building regimen says that one should keep working till fatigue sets in. the idea is to take adequate rest. Sleeping and relaxation only adds to the effect of these exercises hence never cut on these.

Don’t overdo reps- if you do more than 12 reps at a time, you will get muscle hypertrophy but at the same time chances of burnout, stroke and relapse becomes huge. So exercise a little caution in this regard.

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