3 Easy Tips to Help Prevent Acne Before You Sleep

Are you experiencing acne problem and wished that you can get rid of it while you are sleeping? Acne can happen to anyone at any age group from teenager to adults. Therefore knowing what are the preventive measures that you should take can reduce the chances of facing this problem.

We spent almost 6-8 hours a day in bed and therefore we should make use of this time to help us prevent acne. Since we are spending so much time on the bed sleeping, you should always maintain a clean sleeping environment.

1. Change your bedsheet and pillow cases regularly. As we sleep, oil on our face accumulates and stays on the pillow. Dust and other forms of dirt will also rest on the pillow and bedsheet when we are not using it. Based on individuals sleeping posture, your face has high contact with the pillow. So if bacteria start multiplying, you can start expecting acne to start forming as well.

2. Prior to sleeping, you should make sure that you clean your face and do the necessary facial treatment. Washing your face with a mild cleanser or any other cleanser prescribed by your dermatologist. After washing, always apply toner or other facial cream that helps to tighten and close the skin pores.

3. Occasionally, apply face mask before you sleep to help remove dirt in the skin pores. Applying facial mask is definitely much more effective than just purely washing your face. Face mask also helps to nourish your skin with the nutrients that your skin requires to keep it healthy and clear.

Acne treatment and prevention is not done only when it happens. You should have the discipline to keep it going on in order to enjoy clear skin for life. It will be too late when you start taking actions only after acne problem surfaced, therefore stop being lazy and start working on getting clear skin.

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