3 Fast and Safe Steps to Gain Weight

Do you often have to ask yourself how to gain weight? If you know the tips to gain weight fast, then are you aware of the difference this will make to your life? How much is it worth?

Whether it’s to boost your confidence, attract the girl of your dreams, or simply the exquisite feeling of being in the best physical condition of your life – these 3 keys to ‘muscle & weight gain wizardry’ should form the backbone of any plan for rapid and healthy weight gain.


The good news is that you don’t need many ways to gain weight. You only need one.


So take the time to incorporate these powerful concepts into your life, and get yourself ready for some seriously rapid weight gain.


1. Eat Plenty

The plain and stark-bleeding-obvious truth is most skinny guys don’t eat enough to gain weight. If you possess a hyper-fast metabolism, it’s vital you get enough healthy protein, carbohydrates and fats in your system to support your weight gain goals.


And it’s not just about how much you eat either. The quality of those calories, and how you distribute your consumption throughout the day, play an equally important part too.


Aim to weed out the empty calories from your diet – the foods that lack any real nutritional value – and plan ahead to fit 5-7 good sized meals inside you each day.


Yes, it may be a little shock to the system, but your appetite will increase as your muscle size grows.


2. Muscle Overload

When you add up the time you actually spend exercising , it still accounts for less than 5% of the total hours in a week.


Therefore what you do IN your workout sessions had better be accurate and right on target if you’re going to gain weight fast.


Your aim is to progressively overload your muscles with increasing amounts of weight from one workout session to the next. You see, muscle hypertrophy (= muscle growth) is a direct response to a muscle being exerted beyond it’s current threshold. It needs to be given a reason to grow.


So be sure to increase the weights you’re using gradually and steadily – whilst still maintaining excellent form and control – and you’ll begin to notice a positive difference in muscle size.


3. Recover FULLY Between Workouts

Proper recovery and recuperation, which accounts for the other 95+% of hours in a given week, is the ‘missing link’ for many in their plans to gain weight and muscle. Simply put, if you head back for another weight training session before your body has fully recovered, you’re setting yourself up for failure.


You’ll quite literally be stealing away energy your muscles would have used to grow stronger and bigger if you fail to your body enough time to re-energize and fully recharge between workouts.


And the secrets to this – adequate sleep, decent nutrition, and a well-prepared and thought-out weight training program – really aren’t rocket science.


All you need do is pay attention to how your body responds to your workout sessions, and make adjustments accordingly. That’s all. If you need more rest, then permit yourself to have more rest. That way your immune, nervous, hormonal and muscle systems will be able to deliver the kind of rapid and healthy weight gain results that you’re seeking.



Eat Plenty. Overload your Muscles. Recover Fully Between Workouts. Sounds simple doesn’t it?


So take some time to put these points into action, and you may surprise yourself at how simply you gain weight and muscle as well.