3 Fat Burning Foods You Don’t Already Know – Needles in the Haystack Found!

I have a list of fat burning foods that are the absolute best picks for weight loss and overall body transformations. Over the years, I have become accustomed to the shock that many people experience when I tell them the top fat burning foods on that list.

I can guarantee that you won’t find the same old boring fruits and vegetables listed here. It’s time to stop passing around the same boring advice and start learning the real secrets to increasing fat burn. So, here we go…3 fat burning foods that you don’t already know about…

#1: Egg Yolks

Before you run away screaming about the fat and cholesterol in egg yolks, realize that they do great things for your body. It’s true that the raise cholesterol levels, but it’s the good cholesterol that they raise! They can also help balance the good and bad cholesterol in your body right now. Plus, cage-free eggs are packed with omega-3 essential fatty acids which are also excellent for your body.

Egg yolks are also extremely dense in nutrients including some of the most vital vitamins and minerals that your body needs to be healthy. When you take the yolks out of the whites you actually make the protein less bioavailable to your system! No matter what you have heard before, please listen right now and keep the yolks in your diet.

Eggs will help you burn stomach fat much faster…and that means enjoy your yolks along with your whites!

#2: Avocados

Yet again, we have a food which has been labeled fatty and unhealthy, but which is actually packed with all of the following:

* Healthy Fat
* Fiber
* Antioxidants
* Vitamins
* Minerals

The fat that is in an avocado is a very healthy form of fat that is good for you. Plus, you can use avocado to make many healthy foods creamier and tastier. Fat burning hormones and your appetite can also be controlled by eating avocados.

Think of all the ways you could add avocado into your diet and accelerate fat burning. Add guacamole to your eggs (keep the yolks!). Put avocado slices on your burgers or in a salad. This is a very versatile food that can easily be incorporated into your diet regularly.

#3: Grass-Fed Beef

Bad things have been said about beef, but that criticism is aimed at the grain-fed beef that you see at the supermarket. Much of the beef sold today comes from cattle that are in very poor health and that are fed grains that throw the balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fats completely out of whack. Yet, grass-fed beef escapes the criticism and is one of the healthiest options for protein.

When you eat grass-fed beef you get higher amounts of all of the following:

* Omega-3 Fatty Acids
* Vitamins
* Minerals
* CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)

While increased omega-3s is a great thing, grass-fed cattle also produce meat with less omega-6, which most of us eat far too much of as it is. CLA is a healthy form of fat which helps build muscle and accelerates fat burn. Enjoy your beef, but make sure the cattle it came from was fed with grass, not grain! This is a completely healthy way to increase your protein intake and enjoy dishes that rely upon hamburger.

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