3 Mind Blowing Tips to Get a Girl – Here Are the Powerful Strategies Which Always Work

Every now and then, guys meet that one girl that knocks them off their feet. To a guy, she is the world. She is beautiful, confident, funny, and independent. Nothing could be better than her. But, what happens when you are falling in love with her, and she doesn’t even know you exist? Yikes! What a dilemma! It happens all the time, and you cannot fight how you feel. If only there was a way to get her to like you the same…

Given below are 3 mind blowing tips that will win her heart every time:

1. If you haven’t spoke to her yet, you need to make the first move. Women are notorious for not making the first move. And when they do, it can make you seem inadequate and unable to initiate. This is not a good way to begin a possible romantic relationship. You need to be the one who pursues her. Women are naturally hard wired to be swept off their feet. They need this type of thing in their life to make them feel loved and appreciated, kind of like they are in a fairy tale. Always seem confident when taking the initiative. Start conversations, make plans for her, open doors, pull out chairs, etc. Always take the initiative.

2. When she doesn’t look so great, tell her she is beautiful, and mean it. Women are very intuitive and emotional creatures. They need constant reassurance that they are still wonderful and just as beautiful as they were when you first laid eyes on them. Just because she is having a bad hair day doesn’t mean she will always look like this. And when she asks the question, “do I look fat?” always say no. No matter how thin a woman gets, she will always be fat in her own eyes. Remember, they need constant reassurance. Tell her what she wants to hear in the most honest and sincere fashion every time and she will love you forever.

3. Cater to her needs. If she seems like she is feeling down, do not ask if there is anything you can do to cheer her up, just do it. Take her out to eat to her favorite restaurant and buy her something she will eat. Take her out to a movie. Do not be afraid to take risks and go out on a romantic limb every now and again. She will begin picking up the hint that you are genuinely interested in her by spending so much time on her to make her happy. She will appreciate this, and in turn, will develop the same romantic and sincere feelings for you. You cannot go wrong when attempting to make a woman happy. Even if it doesn’t make her completely happy, women are very sympathetic individuals, and they know it is the thought that counts.

Having a sensitive side doesn’t have to be so bad. However, most men are raised up to have thick skin and to act tough. But unfortunately, not all women are attracted to that macho behavior. Sure, acting macho can intrigue a woman, but over the long haul, it doesn’t help out so much. If you are too macho and full of yourself, then you are a jerk to a woman. Females are sensitive and need a man who is ultimately sensitive to their needs as well.