3 Popular Coffee Makers and Their Features

Brewing great coffee at home is becoming more and more popular for those who have added how much they spend per year at Starbucks. While many are squeamish about home brewing, in reality when you have a great coffee maker it is hard to go wrong. It is important to always have the necessary ingredients, which include, fresh filtered water, quality beans ground correctly for the brewer and of course a great home maker that brews the best quality of coffee flavor and aroma.

3 Popular Coffee Makers

Here are three popular brewers and what you might expect should you choose to purchase one.

Black and Decker SmartBrew Plus

Price is moderate, listing and ranging anywhere from about $ 30 to $ 50 depending on where you buy it.


Brews 12 cups at a time

Easily programmable with digital timer

Wider spout than most conventional coffee makers that prevents drips and causes fewer spills.

Interrupt brewing feature that allows the impatient coffee drinker to retrieve a cup before the brew process is complete

Touch pad controls for cleaning ease

Ease of access to water reservoir

Ease of access to coffee basket

Comfortable handle designed for good grip

Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Price, listing and ranging from about $ 20 to $ 50 depending on where you buy it.


Brews 12 cups at a time

Interrupt brewing feature for the impatient coffee drinker

Automatic shut off

Keeps coffee hot for up to two hours

Choice of white or black

Removable filter for cleaning ease

Hideaway cord

Coffee pot rests on stain resistant plate that keeps it newer looking longer

Programmable brewing start times up to 24 hours in advance

Krups FME4 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Machine

Price is in the more expensive range, $ 60 to $ 90, depending on where you shop.


12 cup capacity

Gentle alarm lets you know when coffee is finished brewing so no need to keep checking

Can program the automatic shut off anywhere from 1-5 hours

Will not allow you to start the brewing process unless you have remembered to add the water

Durable and attractive stainless steel carafe

Interrupted brew cycle for the impatient coffee drinker

Has capacity for addition of a filter to take chlorine out of the water that is brewing your coffee

Flavor control aroma switch enhances taste

LED control panel lighting

With a little practice and following the correct techniques, anyone can brew great java at home and put that Starbucks money away for a rainy day!