3 Reasons You Should Try to Make Your Marriage Work After Cheating

There are all kinds of reasons you’ll hear about that work in favor of walking away from your marriage after cheating. But, there are quite a few great reasons you should try to make your marriage work after cheating. If you haven’t given these great reasons a proper amount of thought, then perhaps it’s time to rethink your stance on marriage, cheating, and happily ever after.

1) You Still Believe in Fairy Tales

You’re never really too old for fairy tales. Every little girl dreams of growing up to meet and marry her own personal version of Prince Charming. Most little girls have the minutest details of their blissful wedding and subsequent marriage planned out long before they’ve outgrown jump ropes and pat-a-cake.

There’s no shame in this. It’s good to dream and believe that things are going to be perfect for you and your marriage. The problem arises when those dreams leave no room for imperfections in the perfect façade. Marriage requires learning to bend, give and take, and a few altered expectations by all parties in order to survive and thrive – even after infidelity.

2) You Know that Something Worth having is Worth Fighting For

In the end, your marriage is worth fighting for if it was ever worth having in the first place. There is no reason you should stand back and let some other woman come in and take all that you’ve worked hard to create with your husband without putting both dukes up and giving her one heckuva fight.

He may have cheated on you. It probably stings a lot. But, you know, in your heart of hearts that this man and the family you’ve built together is worth fighting for. Now it’s up to you to throw a few good punches in favor of saving your marriage once and for all.

3) You Believe that Your Marriage is Stronger than his Moment of Weakness

This is a HUGE reason to be willing to stand by your man. You know that YOU married a good man. You know that he is a real winner and you aren’t ready to let him go because he made a mistake. You’re ready to batten down the hatches and ride out this storm because you know your marriage is made of stronger stuff than people are giving you credit for.

You’ll be hard pressed to find any better reasons to try to make your marriage work after cheating than these except perhaps for the fact that you love your husband and know that this is something you can survive as long as you face it together.