3 Sit N Go Tournament Tips You Can’t Afford To Miss

Sit N Go tournaments, although very fun, aren’t as easy to win as you would think. The fact being that of all the people in the tournament, even if it is a small one like 27 people, you, personally, have to beat the other single best player in the tournament. So although some or most might not be very good there is generally always a good player you have to beat.

So how do you beat the good players? How can you be the best from a large pool of different people from all around the world, playing this Sit N Go tournament with you.

Your Very Own Tips To Winning A Sit N Go Tournament

Sit N Go Tournament Tip #1

First, don’t lose. Don’t do anything that will mean you are out of the game. The first thing that comes to mind is going all-in with a weak hand, or against an opponent with a huge stack.

The first thing to winning is just surviving; surviving to the next table, surviving to the money, surviving to the last table. Just surviving won’t win you the game but not surviving definitely won’t.

Sit N Go Tournament Tip #2

Use aggression. By constantly being aggressive in your play you will create an image or a reputation that when you are in a pot you are in to play. This will reduce the likelihood of players bluffing you or trying to sneak through with draw cards etc.

Reduce the amount of checks and calls you make as much as is possible. If you have a draw hand, bet it. If you raise and someone else raises you, raise them back. You were in the pot for a reason.

Sit N Go Tournament Tip #3

Play the right cards. This ties right in with the second tip. To be able to bet aggressively you will need solid cards. Don’t play with trash. You will be able to reraise for instance because you have a god chance of actually winning with your hand.

If you don’t feel comfortable to bet and reraise then you are playing the wrong cards. Tighten it up. If you are entering too many pots and aren’t confident you will win when you do this means you are playing too loose.

Now, I am sure you are realizing how helpful these tips will be the next time you are playing a Sit N Go tournament. And you are probably becoming aware of some times you made a mistake that cost you the game, or some chips, and you wouldn’t have made that mistake if you knew this information beforehand.

What other mistakes are you making that you don’t know about because you haven’t learnt them yet? Who knows, but if you aren’t winning you must be doing something wrong right? Well, I urge you to continue researching and learning about poker so that you can find these out and starting winning your Sit N Go tournaments.