3 Things You Boyfriend Doesn’t Even Notice You Do

When shopping for a gift for someone, you don’t ask yourself, “What would I want?” You ask yourself, “What would this particular person want?” So, how come when it comes to relationships, women do things for men because it’s what they would want done for them? Men are different. They appreciate different things. And some things, they barely notice. Like these:

Asking for updates
As a female, if I have something big and difficult happening in my life for example, a sick loved one or I’m waiting to hear about a promotion at work, I know I would notice if my boyfriend didn’t ask for updates on these issues. But think about it really: a man doesn’t go crying to his girlfriend, “How come you haven’t cared to know how my mom has been doing! Clearly you don’t care about me!” The thing with men is that, if they want to talk about something, they say so. If you frequently ask him for updates on difficult things happening to him, he might stop taking your calls because he doesn’t always want to talk about it.

Having “special time”
Women are always pushing for special time with their man, but the reason is a bit different than you’d expect. Here is what is really behind women getting anxious if they don’t get a “proper date” for some time with their guy: they become nervous he won’t find them interesting or attractive anymore and dates allow women to dress up, be charming, be fun and so on. On a date, we get to do that. On the couch, with video games and takeout, we don’t really. But, men do not look into things to such lengths. Look at it this way: if he is able to just kick back around you, turn the TV on and not worry about things, that means you make him feel at ease! My one friend, her boyfriend is a voice coach and in order to “bond” she pushed to take singing lessons from him. In the end, it drove them apart because she got mad at him for being critical of her when she tried to learn to sing, and he got mad because he had to teach an extra lesson a week, for no money!

Learning to be “adventurous” in bed
Every woman worries that she isn’t as adventurous as other women are in bed. She fears a guy will stop wanting to have sex with her if she doesn’t change things up sometimes. So, she reads articles on sex tips in Cosmo or Kama Sutra. Think about this: He too has the power to change things up a bit. Also, men are pretty much happy if they are getting laid. If you just have a curiosity to to learn more skills in the bedroom, by all means go ahead. But, don’t worry too much about it.