3 Unknown Facts That Cure Infertility Fast And Naturally – Happy Visualisation And Secret Foods …

3 unknown facts that cure infertility fast and naturally – Happy Visualisation and secret foods ….

Infertility is much more common than you think. One is six couples seeks treatment for infertility.

And what most infertility clinics and doctors do is that they begin a series of tests and treatments which cost a fortune and theydont guarantee any results.

Infertility can be caused by many factors , and diagnosis itself can cost you a fortune, but , upto 80% of infertile couples find a cure to infertility without expensive drugs or tedious procedures such as IUI/IVF.

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Make sure you take the cost effective, tried and tested path first and you will end up saving money for a comfortable delivery.

OK, now Im going to share with you three powerful tips that will ncrease your chances of pregnancy and cure infertility :

Tip 1) Avoid seafoods:

Seafood increases blood levels of mercury and increase in blood levels of mercury causes fertility problems.
Instead of seafoods, try consuming lean meats like chicken.

Taking folic acid everyday will increase your fertility. This is also the secret pill that most celebrities switch to when they want to get pregnant.

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Tip 2) Go to bed early & Get adequate sleep:

Sleep deprivation lowers the level of leptin hormone and leptin is necessary for ovulation. Therefore getting good sleep is an important step to cure infertility.

Tip 3) Reduce your stress levels:

Fear of being infertile and alone can increase your stress levels. Whenever you find yourself worrying , step back from the situation, relax and take a deep breath.

Repeat to yourself in a calm, relaxed manner: ” I will soon be holding my baby!”

Imagine hearing the first cry of your baby, imagine holding the baby in your arms and the baby smiling at you.

The truth is that there is always something you can do.

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If you follow the right steps , your long wait to get pregnant will soon be over…


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