3 Ways To Play Sit N Go Tournaments, And Win

You can play Sit N Go tournaments any way you want. You can choose an average style or a losing style. Personally, I like to choose a winning style, because I find that winning is a lot more fun and the money is a lot better.

If you are having troubles consistently winning Sit N Go tournaments the reason is you are probably playing in the wrong way. Well, what way is the correct way to win Sit N Go tournaments? Well, read on

1st Best Way To Play And Win A Sit N Go Tournament

Probably the best way to win lower cost, lower player Sit N Go tournaments is to stick to a strong tight aggressive strategy. When there are only a few tables in the whole tournament it is pretty easy to get to the money, and once you are there you can just hold out to get to first place.

Playing solid cards, not taking risks, and playing aggressively to increase the pot when you do actually have a go are crucial to winning with this strategy.

2nd Best Way To Play And Win A Sit N Go Tournament

If you get bored with the above strategy, as in you don’t like waiting for the good cards or the poker is to “plain” for you, another great way to play and win Sit N Go tournaments is to focus on focusing down particular players.

Try to identify which players are weak or new, or just target those with small stacks, and focus on just playing against those players. Use blind steals, bluffs and all-ins to attack their pot even if you don’t have the best cards in the world. I find you can grow your stack quite nicely by taking “the low hanging fruit”

3rd Best Way To Play And Win A Sit N Go Tournament

Another great way to play and win Sit N Go tournaments, but for more seasoned or intermediate players, is to play a tight-loose strategy. You will be able to enter more pots and get ahead faster.

Generally what I do with this is try to get some quick wins up early, being keenly aware of not to play to dodgy but definitely increasing the risk profile. Then, when you take a few wins or a nice double up from an all-in, and you are chip leader at the table or tournament, sit back and relax.

Change gears into tight defensive/aggressive play and maintain you lead until you get heads up.

I’m sure by now you are aware that there are a lot of ways to win Sit N Go tournaments then you though. You don’t have to stick to plain boring methods. In fact you are probably realizing that there are some interesting mixes between all of these tournaments, right?

Well let me ask you this. What tournament strategies are there that you don’t know about yet? Probably a lot, but you don’t know them do you. So how can you win tournament’s if you don’t even know what the best strategies are? Well, I urge you to continue to research and learn about how to win Sit N Go tournaments so you can in fact become very successful at this style of game.