3d Model Is The Network Television Rights Fees Surged Up Speed Over Price

“Future, you will be in the network

TV See small Blu-ray HD TV, you can also see the 3D model of TV movies. This is a video site, or that a new model of network television! “Yesterday (January 18), just replace the name comes from the PPLive PPTV.com Tao Chuang, CEO told reporters. It has been revealed, 3D, mini Blu-ray and other audio-visual technology will be online video media in the 2010 killer application. In addition, the Tao Chuang said, with the development of network TV content copyright soaring prices, much faster than the increase in house prices.

Learned that recently PPLive will be officially opened PPTV. com domain name, and replace the logo with the future, PPLive will become the company’s brand, and PPTV. com will be the user’s network TV for new media brands. Yesterday, Tao Chuang told reporters, with the increasing user demand and network TV industry’s sustained development, the application of innovation is of particular importance. Dr. Tao Chuang believe this to 3D video, small blue and so on-demand audio-visual media, as represented by network video technology will be the media in 2010, the “killer” app. Particularly in the field of traditional audio-visual experience, technological breakthroughs, enabling users to enjoy even more shocking on-demand performance and visual impact. It will also serve as PPTV products in the network TV industry’s most core technology competitiveness. Moreover, given the diversity of user-demand equipment, will also support the current PPTV users

Mobile , Computers, LCD TV Equipment such as direct-to-end support, such as providing high degree of contact with the screen, remote control system, and break the traditional on-demand conception to achieve anytime, anywhere using the corresponding support.

Yesterday (January 18), in announcing the new strategy, while Tao Chuang also said in the past year, online video copyright price surge, just one year, prices rose after another, this increase is not a double double growth, but growth of about 10 times. Genuine buyers excited Copyright Network chairman Lvzheng Sheng said that two years ago, single episode TV series broadcast copyright is only a few thousand dollars, then it rose to over 10 000. Last year, the video site bid up the price of popular television series 10 times?? Exclusive Internet broadcast of the price from 15,000 yuan rose to 150,000 yuan a set, some even more than the purchase price is also expensive television. This online video sites to feel great pressure.

To industry sources, this year will be extremely competitive year for the video site. Previously, CCTV Chinese television network has also formally launched on December 28 last year, Xinhua, Hunan Radio and Television and other “national teams” are also eager to enter the field of network television. According to industry sources, the main industry in this area will intensify the competition between, on the other will lead to a large number of users have moved to the traditional television network viewing the video, which will undoubtedly bring greater network television audience base.