4 Best-Kept Secret Blog-Marketing Strategies to Double Your Blog Subscribers

It seems as though many blog readers still prefer to get blog updates via email, despite the popularity of RSS feeds, I have 21,000+ unread blog posts in my Bloglines account, so I’m definitely one of those. Since there’s no real way to track numbers through an RSS reader, I have no idea of how many people read my blog through an RSS reader. Consequently,I began to do some research on how to better harness my blog subscribers and increase my subscriber base.

Here are the 4 strategies you can implement to double the number of blog subscribers to your blog:

1. Blog newsletter. Your blog’s success depends largely on your ability to drive visitors to it to read your posts, click on your ads, and purchase your products and services. When you have a blog ezine, you can combine the best of email and RSS and then covert the RSS feed of your blog automatically to an ezine. You can schedule your blog newsletters to publish on a regular basis, or as you publish new posts. You can also track web site clicks using your own domain name, and see who clicks your links and opens your messages. The most powerful feature is the ability to segment subscribers based on who clicked (or didn’t click) on a link and send followup emails.

2. Blog subscribe page. Just like the subscribe (or squeeze) page for your ezine, your blog needs a squeeze page, as well, to sell visitors on the value of your blog. Some visitors will get to your subscribe page from one of your posts, and others will arrive there from your signup form, where you link to your subscribe page for people who want more info before deciding to subscribe. Throw in a free gift for subscribing.

3. Opt-in form at end of each post. At the end of each post, place an opt-in form for added effectiveness. When someone reads an entire article to the end, she was probably impressed with the content. So, why not go ahead and make it easy for her to subscribe at the end of the post?

4. Share function. When you ask your current subscribers to share your blog, you’re likely to get new subscribers just like your current ones, who then share your blog with other people in your target market. A quick way to do this is to have a sidebar in your blog newsletter asking your readers to share the post, and then request readers to visit your blog squeeze page to receive future posts.

Those who have used these four strategies have experienced great increases in their blog subscriber numbers, even though these strategies aren’t widely discussed. Discover how your blog readership grows by implementing just one of these strategies today!