4 Tips for Elementary School Teachers

If you don’t like kids, becoming an elementary school teacher certainly is not your job. Elementary school teaching involves a lot of interaction with kids and at times these little creatures create too much problems for you that things become difficult to handle and they are all over you in the class. In this article we are going to give you four useful tips on how to keep the kids under control and attentive for longer time, to those who are teachers in elementary schools.

Play Play Play

At elementary school level, the kids you are in charge of may be no more than five or six years old. Well there must be no doubt that when you were a kid you also wanted to play and that is it. The changing scenario definitely has no impact on kids, as they still just want to play. So, it is an important factor, which you being an elementary school teacher should bear in mind in order to keep a good control on the class the entire day. You have to plan your tactics keeping this very fact in mind. You never allowed kids to play all the time without any learning nor will your school administration or parents like this.

Incorporate Play Time

Now you have become aware of the fact that kids always want to play and it is hard to teach them when they are just not willing. You cannot let them play all the time without any learning as you have to respect the school board as well. There is a simple solution for this problem. You have to incorporate all of their playtime into a fun learning process. Kids are always ready to play games so what you need to do is to incorporate all the boring material into some colorful, interesting game. You will see kids will automatically get into it and enjoy without realizing the fact that they are learning. There can be so many such games through which you can teach them indirectly.

Be a Big Brother/Sister

With the growing age kids become more susceptible to influence, especially when they reach to a tender age of eight or nine. Controlling such kids become rather more difficult than younger ones. Being a role model to them, you need to treat them carefully. Treat and talk to them like an adult may serve the purpose. So, if you talk to them like an adult and let them know that you think highly of them, they will respect you for sure. Make them realize that you’re like their elder brother and sister to whom they can come to solve their problems.


Giving rewards is a great way to keep your class’ attention for longer. Giving reward for every good behavior or any correct response will encourage the kids to behave well and concentrate on learning process. Spending a dollar or two on your kids is nothing better than to have their full attention.