4 Types of Colon Cleansing Foods You Just Can’t Live Without

A simple diet change can reduce colon cancer risk and make your colon healthy and if you follow the advice given in this article you health will take a turn for the better.

Best colon cleansing foods are plant based and have been considered excellent for the digestive system as well as for the entire body.

Is Natural Detoxification possible?

If you ask me, the answer is an emphatic yes.

1. All dark green leafy vegetables are very important components of food though they are non digestible. These colon cleansing foods are rich in fiber and they support the digestive system as well as the intestinal tract by eliminating the harmful and toxic substances from the colon.

These foods are a source of roughage which is vital for cleaning and toning the colon. When on colon cleansing diet, it is essential to avoid all non fiber foods as they slow down the metabolism thereby delaying colon cleansing.

2. Fresh fruit juices and soups from dark green leafy vegetables are also colon cleansing foods.

These juices and soups will hydrate your system and help to flush out the gluey and unwanted material from the intestines as a result cleaning them.

Lemonade and lukewarm water are also colon cleaning liquids.

3. Soluble as well as insoluble fiber is very important in bowel cleansing. Insoluble fibers prevent constipation by eliminating the hardened waste material from the colon. On the other hand, soluble fiber helps in increasing the beneficial bacteria in the body which aids in digestion and keeping the intestines clean.

Oats and flaxseed are rich sources of soluble and insoluble fiber. Other foods which contain sufficient amount of both the fibers are carrots, peas, mangoes, cabbages, beets, brown rice and barley.

4. Dark green colored foods like alfalfa, wheatgrass, Spirulina and barley contain high amounts of chlorophyll, which is perfect for intestinal cleansing. Chlorophyll helps in healing the damaged tissues in the digestive tract, draws good amount of oxygen for the body and aids in removing toxic substances from the colon.

When you add the above mentioned healthy colon cleansing food, you can be sure of restoring the health of your colon.

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