4 Ways to Get Rid of Pimples Without Squeezing Them

There is nothing worse than seeing pimples popping up on your face when you wake up. It starts affecting you for the rest of the day, worse for the rest of the week. And this situation will not only occur once, twice but countless times until you find the remedy to it.

You probably feel like squeezing the pimples immediately when it appears and thinking that will solve the problem. However, more than often it doesn’t and in fact makes the situation worse by having it swell up and probably spread.

Below are some pointers that may come in handy for you:

1. Acne can be caused by blockage of pores. By wearing makeup on the face will easily cause pores to be blocked especially if you are using oil-based makeup. Try not wear makeup when you are facing acne problem as this can worsen the condition. If you really have to conceal it, try using a concealer to make it less obvious.

2. You can use Pearl Powder and mix it with toner. Apply it to the affected area to reduce swelling and dry up the pimples. Prior to applying, cleanse your face thoroughly. You can leave it overnight and clean it thoroughly when you wake up the next morning.

3. Toothpaste is also one good way to help dry up pimples. You may experience slight irritation on the skin when you first apply. However if the pain persist, you should wash it off immediately as your skin might be sensitive to this application.

4. Always use a toner after washing your face. To make it more effective in cleansing your face, use warm water to help open up the pores on your skin first. Use a mild cleanser to wash your face thoroughly. Wash off with cold water to close up the pores and finally apply toner.

These are some methods that can help you deal with your acne or pimples problem and at the same time maintain a good hygiene to start preventing pimples from finding you.

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