4G Communication System

Fourth Generation (4G) Communications systems for new generation technology. 4G technology is the latest technology after the 3G (third generation) systems. This 4G Communication systems still solving the remaining problems of 3G systems.
The main  applications of this 4G communication system to provide a wide range variety of new services, from high-quality voice to high-definition video to high-data-rate wireless channels. The 4G is used broadly to include different types of broadband wireless access communication systems.
One of the terms used to define 4G Communications systems is MAGIC – “Mobile multimedia, anytime anyplace, Global mobility support, integrated wireless solution, and customized service.”
4G Communications systems that’s  cellular broadband wireless access systems have been attracting much interest in the mobile communication technology.
This new  generation of wireless communication systems replaces the 3G systems , in 5 to 10 years. It can be used to access the data information from any place, any time, with a seam less connection to a wide range of information and services.
The main key features of 4G are receiving a large volume of information, data, pictures, video and so on. The future 4G  systems infrastructures will consist of set of various networks using IP-internet protocol  as common protocol by this users will be able to access every application and environment.
For high quality , streaming video and audio , these 4G systems will be able to accommodate growing consumer and business expectations. Few days back the Japanese local papers says that Japan, china, South Korea plan to work together for developing new generation technologies like Fourth generation mobiles. 4G orientated meeting was happened in Seoul in March with officials from the above countries, they agreed to share information and work together on developing 4G mobile phones
4G as we all know now that it is the higher version of 3G.So we are going to have a very wider bandwidth for our multimedia applications and we can have the internet access in clicks.