5 Amazing Winter Getaways in Egypt!

The winter is coming… with its darkness, coldness and snow. It can be joyful of course, but not all the time. As we humans are made to live in warmness and we can’t stay alive if we are not warm enough.

If your homeland has very cold winters, you definitely need a break, and this is what this article is just offering you. Get away from the dark winter, and run to the shiny, warm and charming winter of Egypt!

Getaway no.1: Soma Bay near Hurghada

As a matter of fact, the famous Hurghada city offers a lot of beaches, bays and wonderful islands to explore. Soma bay is one of these amazing beaches that are located 45 km south of Hurghada Airport. Soma Bay is a peninsula that is surrounded by the sea on all sides. You only access it through a 7 km-long private road. Soma Bay’s peninsula has 5 resorts that come with many diving spots, golf courses, a hub for water-sports and also has one of the region’s largest spas and natural treatment centers, where you can use seawater medically for therapy.

Getaway no.2: Ras Shitan (Devil’s Head)

Located in Nuweibaa on the red sea, Ras Shitan’s name is derived from the way it is formed around the two sides of a huge rock. Professional divers often love to enjoy the unforgettable underwater journeys that Ras Shitan offers, from underwater canyons, to caves, colorful corals, puffer fish, well preserved landscapes, mountains and plateaus!

Getaway no.3: Island of the Pharaoh

Near Safaga on the red sea shores, stands there the amazing Island of Pharaoh. An overwhelming diving spot that is also special because it offers a sight of Saudi Arabian & Jordanian lands. And for history lovers, Geziret Fir’awn offers a great opportunity to visit Saladin’s fortress by boat from Taba’s coast.

Getaway no.4: Dahab’s Abu Galoum

Located in Ras Abu Galoum protectorate, to the north of Nabq protectorate, Dahab is generally an attraction center for diving lovers due to its famously beautiful coral reefs, as it is also home for many species like the Nubian Ibex (mountainous goats) that can be only found there. Abu Galoum is also a great place for hiking, camel rides as well as 4×4 safari trips to enjoy the stunning views of the coastal mountains.

Getaway no.5: Wadi Qulaan, Marsa Alam

Wadi is an Arabic word that means Valley. Wadi Qulaan is located in Wadi El-Gemal (valley of the camels) protectorate in Marsa Alam, which is a calm and quiet beach unlike the other touristic beaches. It is also a place for you to enjoy the virgin nature. Besides swimming, adventure lovers can get around the protectorate to enjoy hiking and bird watching, as well as discovering Gabal Hamata (Hamata mountain) where ibex and gazelles are still living in safe above there.
Benda Benda Terbesar di Alam Semesta bukti kebesaran Allah

Benda Benda Terbesar di Alam Semesta bukti kebesaran Allah. Dibandingkan dengan planet bumi dan segala keajaiban dunia, banyak benda-benda di luar angkasa yang sangat besar. itu semua merupakan bukti keajaiban Allah di dunia nyata. Beberapa benda terbesar di luar angkasa adalah sebagai berikut: UY Scuti. bintang terbesar berdiameter sekitar 2.375.828.000 kilometer, 5 miliar kali lipat volume Matahari. Cahayanya memerlukan waktu sekitar 9,15 jam untuk menyeberangi lingkarnya. Bintang ini terletak dalam lengan Scutum-Centaurus berjarak sekitar 7.800 tahun cahaya dari Bumi Diperkirakan,bintang ini akan meledak menjadi Supernova. 2. Black-hole-quasar-water-cloud: raksasa berumur 12 miliar tahun berupa awan yang menyimpan air. terletak 12 miliar tahun cahaya dari Bumi. Merupakan massa air terbesar dan tertua yang pernah terdeteksi di alam semesta. Volume airnya 140 triliun kali lipat lautan bumi. Awan uap airnya mengelilingi lubang hitam supermasif, yang disebut quasar. 3. Lubang Hitam Raksasa Di Galaksi NGC 4889, selengkapnya tonton video nasihat baik ini..