5 Benefits For Having A Go At Home Brew

Let me tell you- home brewing is great fun. Hands up – who tried home brewing as a teenager, stashing brews all over the place? Without having witnessed a dodgy homebrew explode, you haven’t lived. It is a blessing now though, that we have access to the best home brewing equipment available. An added benefit is modern home brewing equipment is much safer too. In response to the recession, breweries have changed their policy and allow brewers to brew their ales from home. Home brew kits on sale today are easy to use as well as offering excellent safety and hygeine. There are a great many forums and websites to give you a helping hand.

Home brewing is also very cheap. The last home brew kit I purchased worked out to just 20 pence a pint! If you are feeling the pinch from the credit crunch, and you like your drink, home brewing is definitely something to consider. I have friends that spend upwards of 50 pounds on one Friday night. Home brewing perhaps wouldn’t be something they’d consider, but as someone who is price conscious, it is definitely something for me. Roughly speaking, around 8 bottles of wine in a month would cost you 40 pounds. If you saved half by home brewing you save 20 pounds a month. Not a fortune, but then there is the fun and control you have over have what you brew.

Designing your own brew has to be the most enjoyable part of brewing at home. While adding too much sugar to a home brew can spoil it, you do have the potential with the more advanced home brew kits, to choose what ingredients go in. Ever wondered what ginger tastes like in wine? Give it a go! With so much choice you’ll have great fun thinking up your own brew. Amaze your friends with your own unique home brew.

Impressing friends with home brewing has to be an advantage. Lads- picture having a girl over and asking her what she fancies to drink. Normally, you’d pull out the wine from the fridge. What if you could pull out a fresh home brew from under the stairs. Just a little something you’ve rustled up! You can also impress friends and family by offering them your own brew. If you are thinking of giving your Nan a bottle of home brew for Christmas though, make sure you keep an eye on the strength.

Being able to keep massive quantities of brew is one final advantage. I have stored that much home brew, I could host parties for over a week! Most batches of home brew will let you store anywhere from 15 to 30 pints in one go. If you therefore had two or three on the go, you’d have enough for months on end. Imagine, you’d never have to visit the off license or pub again.