5 Common Acne Myths That You Should Be Aware Of

Some of the myths about acnes are: it is caused by foods like chocolates, French fries and pizzas, not washing the face properly, acne is suffered only by teenagers, acnes have no cure and exposing the skin to sun will cure acnes.

Acne is a skin issue that many people are dealing with. To treat acne, fortunately there are a lot of products available now, like argan oil acne for natural treatment. Many people are confused by myths about acne even though studies have documented many issues. Here are some of the most common ones:

Food products like chocolate,pizza and French fries cause acne

The idea that food like chocolate, French fries or pizza causes acne may be due to the fact that teenagers love these food and that teenagers, in turn, are more prone to acne breakouts. Some people make think that there’s a connection between getting acne and eating these kinds of foods. Even though one needs to keep up a healthful diet, as well as limiting both fried and greasy items, acne stems from issues other than just what one eats.

One cause of acne appears to be lack of personal skin care

Even though washing one’s face is a very crucial part of a healthy skincare regimen, it does not imply that if you have acne you have to wash your face much more often to clear it from its blemishes. The truth is, it should be enough to wash with a gentle facial cleanser twice a day. Washing your face too much will leave you with skin that is dry and irritated. In addition, washing too much could spread bacteria to other parts of your face, thereby causing additional blemishes. Avoid over-washing with harsh and drying cleansers and exfoliants on your skin. If your face becomes oily in the middle of the day, you can go for oil-blotting sheets instead of washing it.

Only teenagers suffer from acne

Although acne first arrives in our teens, it is not a problem which is unique to teens. The truth is that even adults can be prone to acne. With the right medications and skin treatments, you can still treat adult acnes which is a common problem. If you suffer from severe adult acne, you might want to seek advice from a dermatologist.

Skin acne cannot be healed

Some people may believe their acne issue is an impossible case after trying various remedies and medicines. Actually, acne is a common skin problem and it can be treated and cured. The key thing is to find the right products for your skin. Your personal skin problems may not be solved that effectively by using the acne-remedy your friend is using. If ointments and creams don’t solve your acne problem, you should consult a doctor.

Letting your skin absorb sunlight will get rid of acne

Exposing acne to the rays of the sun won’t help it at all. Many people think that they can hide the blemishes by tanning the skin but this does not solve the problem really. In fact, too much sun exposure can cause significant skin damage. It can dehydrate and cause skin irritation as well as result in sunburn and redness. In addition, sun exposure can enhance the possibility of skin cancer and premature aging. Avoid sun burn and sun poisoning by using a sunscreen lotion with the correct SPF value.

To help you to take better care of your skin, be aware of the different myths about acnes, this will give you better knowledge of effective treatment to solve this skin problem. BOLA TANGKAS