5 Daily Habits To Prevent Aging

You can easily fool the world on how old you are by taking steps to prevent aging of your skin. But these steps have to be taken while you are still young; though there are ways to get rid of wrinkles and other signs of aging when you are older. But if you start taking proper care of your skin from the beginning, you may not need costlier ways to remove aging signs later on. Below are 5 daily habits you must embrace to achieve this.


Protecting your skin from the sun should be your first priority. For that you will need a sunscreen that has SPF factor of 15 or more to avoid sun damage on your skin. While applying them, take your time and apply them on other areas apart from your face and arms. The areas of skin that we often neglect are our ears and feet and back of the neck. Applying sunscreen on them is also important to prevent aging. When going out in sun, opt for dresses with long sleeves and pants that will protect your arms and legs. A wide brimmed hat which protects your head and face is another must.


We often forget to drink water in required quantity during the day. But by doing that we are harming our skin to a great degree. Water keeps the cells hydrated; so when we drink less water, our skin becomes dry which helps the signs of aging to appear faster than normal. So to prevent aging before time, make sure you drink at least eight ounce glasses of water everyday. It will keep your skin hydrated and will flush out all the toxins.


Proper balanced diet is another way to prevent aging. Your diet should be rich in antioxidants rich foods. That is because these antioxidants prevent free radicals from damaging your skin. Free radicals are groups of atoms or atoms that have unpaired electrons. They can damage your skin to a great degree. But when you have antioxidant rich food, they not only prevent this, but also repair the damages already done to your skin.


One bad habit that you have to give up is smoking. It harms the skin in many ways. Firstly, it reduces the flow of oxygenated blood to your skin which robs them of vital nutrients. Secondly as you smoke toxins are released in your blood which ends up in your skin. Lastly, it also introduces those free radicals just discussed above in your bloodstream. So you know why smokers show early signs of aging.


Last but not the least habit you should develop to prevent aging is moisturizing your skin on daily basis. Buy a moisturizer that is suitable for your age. As you see wrinkles and fine lines developing on your skin, switch to more powerful ones to remove these early signs of aging.