5 Great Reasons To Give Ballet A Go

Ballet is great for both children and adults alike. While most people presume ballet should be started from a young age, but this doesn’t have to be true. It can be enjoyed at any age and has lots of great advantages.

Many people assume that ballet is easy and just requires looking pretty but it actually requires a huge amount of strength especially in the abdomen, back and legs. It’s a great work out for your whole body because it uses a wide range of muscles.

For children, it helps to channel their excess energy and keeps them active. For those who find it hard to get motivated to do exercise, classes are always lead by a teacher to encourage students. And unlike running or lifting weights, ballet is varied so isn’t monotonous.

Don’t worry if you’re not flexible, it doesn’t mean you can’t do ballet. Flexibility can be worked on and comes with practise. Stretching the muscles during ballet is great for well-being and keeping your muscles and joints in use. As with yoga and pilates, ballet works on all aspects of flexibility.

Ballet classes are nearly always done in groups giving you the chance to meet like minded people and make new friends. It can also help children’s’ social abilities to expand and is different from working in a team.

Self Esteem
Ballet dancers have to do more than go through the motions, they have to feel the music and perform. This encourages people to come out of their shells and not be afraid to stand out. It is great for helping children and adults with low self-confidence as while you often have to perform on your own, you are usually in a group meaning this is easier and not as daunting.

Above all else, ballet is fun. There are a wide range of dance schools and classes available each different from the other. Some are more relaxed and just for fun and others push their students to reach their potential. Either way, ballet is fun and rewarding.