5 Profit-pulling Ideas For Marketing On Facebook

If you are not using Facebook to market your website, you are missing out on the chance to potentially reach millions of people, and gain a whole new customer base. There are 400 million Facebook subscribers, so just imagine how many people you can reach with your marketing if you use this wonderful little tool. One of the best things about using Facebook to market your website is that there are ways that you can do this at absolutely no cost to yourself, which means that the business generated from your Facebook marketing will be all profit. Here are five great profit-pulling ideas for marketing on Facebook:

– Don’t Just Create Your Page and Leave It. If you are using Facebook to market your website, create a Facebook group, then make sure that you are constantly updating the information so there is always something new and fresh for readers to look at. Use all of the tools available to make your group page as interesting as possible, such as widgets, which you can use to add extra content to your website. If there is always going to be something interesting, people will come back to the group page over and over again.

– Network with all of your Facebook friends, and then some. You want to create a presence on Facebook, so you want to do everything possible to achieve this goal. Chat with others. “Like” things. “Poke” people. Leave comments, and post your status regularly. The more people see you, the more you are going to be on their minds, and so will your business.

– Make a good impression, and make it a professional one. If you are going to have a presence on Facebook, and you own a business, you need to make sure that you make a really great impression, and always be as professional as possible. Use your business name for your Facebook group (this is a given). Use tag lines to explain your business. Make sure that the content of your group page is loaded with keywords, and you have the chance to have your page found on many search engines, such as Google.

– Have your Facebook page everywhere. You can have a special for your business through Facebook called a Vanity URL, and you can promote this URL the same way you promote your website, which will bring lots of traffic to your page. Have the URL on your own website and blogs, and any time you are involved in any online activities.

– Try using Static FBML. This makes your group page much more functional, because you are able to use HTML codes to customize your page just the way you want it. This makes designing your page so much easier than other web pages, and it is something that you will be able to do easily yourself, without the need of a professional web designer (of course, input from a designer always helps…input from anyone can be a big help when you operate your own business). BOLA TANGKAS
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