5 Reason to choose MBA from IGNOU

IGNOU provides a multi-media learning system comprising print, audio, video, radio, television, teleconferencing, interactive radio counseling, Internet-based learning and face-to-face counseling. An important reason to choose MBA from IGNOU is the course materials with their wide acceptability, authenticity and latest content offered by IGNOU. One student becomes self-employed and running his magazine called ‘Yug Manas’ after getting degree from IGNOU. Some students have not been able to get further education in the particular remote area, if IGNOU would not have opened study center.

Unique Features of IGNOU MBA

1. Credit System and Modularity

The University follows the credit system whereby IGNOU MBA has a specified number of credits. Each credit involves 30 hours of study time of the learners. The learners can accumulate credits as per their convenience. The University has also adopted the modular approach, which helps the learners in moving gradually, through small modules, towards higher levels of learning. The combination of modules leads to certificate, diploma and degree programmes in an area of study.

2. Easy to reach by electronic media

Reaching a large number of MBA students and further enriching/explaining the study materials have been the major objectives of audio, video, radio, television, radio counseling, teleconferencing, and the like. The University has a state-of the-art electronic media production centre (EMPC). The following media resources are available in the University. Regular two-way audio and one-way video teleconferencing: About 750 interactive nodes spread all over the country offer two-way interactive tele-counselling, tele-teaching, tele-training, tele-discussion and extended contact programme. The facility has gone digital and is now available through INSAT-3B.

3. Interactive radio counselling: To bridge the gap between the institution and the learners through instant response to their academic and administrative queries. Now, 186 radio stations across the country broadcast interactive phone-in counselling every Sunday (4.00-5.00 p.m.). The students participate from their home through toll-free telephone to interact with the experts at various AIR studios.

4.Gyan Darshan: IGNOU is nodal agency for coordinating a bouquet of educational TV channels under the banner of Gyan Darshan (GD). Of these, GD-1 is a 24-hour exclusive National Educational channel. The Gyan Darshan channel uses C Band transponder of INSAT 3C. In addition, IGNOU also coordinates the functioning of GD-2, GD-3, and GD-4. GD-2 channel is being used as interactive channel by the University for tele-counselling, tele-lecturing, tele-training and virtual convocation. Teachers/resource persons address ‘live’ from EMPC studio through video and audio satellite links to the student groups assembled at various centre across the country. It is also used to interact with Regional Centre and Study Centre functionaries on various operational aspects. GD-3, called Ekalavya channel.

5. Material Production and Delivery

IGNOU MBA course materials are available on the Internet, materials for all other programmes are dispatched through post  more than one million packets are dispatched to students every year. The University also makes its materials available to all other institutions (SOUs and CCIs) and conventional students through private booksellers and its own marketing cell, located at Headquarters.

IGNOU MBA is a Course requires effective lectures to be attended at any cost. With theses 5 above facilities students can approach IGNOU MBA lecture from any part of particular country. To choose MBA from IGNOU provides wide variety of facilities to its students.