5 Reasons to Follow The Paleo Diet

Ever thought about eating foods that the caveman ate during the Paleolithic Era? There are thousands who asked his or her self that exact same question, and subsequently decided to do it. Most folks never really think about the diet of a caveman very seriously, and assume that they whatever they could find. Quite a few will not try because they do not fully understand how the caveman functioned. Others are turned off simply by the quantity of work they think it could take. Still other folks have


Now just hold on here a moment! Are those valid reasons? Was any consideration given to the reasons in favor? Was that consideration fair and well balanced? The downsides were covered, but did the positives get a fair shake?


Perhaps that should be reconsidered. Perhaps we ought to think about say, 5 reasons why perhaps you should eat the foods of the caveman’s diet as the advantages are tremendous.


To start, the caveman had incredible strength and endurance. You have a valid point when you note that is was essential for the caveman to posse’s great strength to be able survive during his time. This is a good point. Having said that, take into account that, the meals the caveman ate fueled his strength. Moreover, consider that over a typical day the caveman would walk 12 miles; this couldn’t be done unless proper food and nutrition was obtained.


Second, the cavemen were built with a strong immune system. That is true because as the caveman was able to survice great dangers without any medical knowledge. As a result of all that, the caveman’s body’s defense mechanism must be strong being a persons defense mechanisms is relevant to the foods consumed.


Third, the caveman failed to experience deadly heart disease we view so common today. In addition heart problems are probably the greatest killers in our world today as is also proportional towards the processed food everyone is eating at alarming rate!


Fourth, the caveman did not have deadly diseases like colon cancer. Once again this deadly disease is because of the meals we eat which usually is fast food or processed foods loaded with preservative.


Fifth, the caveman was not obese.


Now, look at all of those reasons and evaluate them. Those reasons produce a fairly strong case for why you need to continue with the caveman diet more commonly known as the Paleo diet.


Look them over once more and consider each of those factors. Don’t you think that perhaps, just maybe, you really should look into the caveman diet?