5 reasons to go shopping for Crocs

Crocs, the brightly coloured unmistakable shoes have fast become a phenomenon across the world. People either love Crocs or hate them. I have to admit, when I first saw Crocs from afar, I was aghast and mortified! And until a close friend practically forced me to try on her pair (I needed much persuasion) of Crocs, I was pretty much a hater. But once I wore them for a while, I was a quick convert, and promptly went and bought myself a pair.


There are so many reasons to buy a pair of Crocs.


Patented Croslite material- All Crocs are made from patented Croslite material which is a unique foam resin. Foam Creations, the company that developed and produced Croslite, was sold to Crocs in 2004, along with the rights to the Croslite material. The foam forms itself to a wearer’s feet and offers medical benefits. Basically, this material allows the foot bed to mould to the foot, providing a great customised fit, with increased support.


Lightweight material- The material is light weight meaning that you won’t even notice that you are wearing the shoes! The average weight of the shoes in other brands is 12 ounces but in Crocs case the average weight is 5 ounces which makes their shoes very lightweight. The lightweight shoes result in easy and better walking experiences.


Ergonomically designed- The design of the shoe allows feet to bend and move easily. Crocs have been ergonomically certified, and help your feet to stay comfortable no matter how long you stand on them. They also have non slip bottoms, making them highly effective in hospital and restaurant settings. Also, all Crocs are made with anti microbial technology that prevents the growth of bacteria and the onset of nasty odours usually associated with feet.


Waterproof and ventilated– Crocs also have an ingenious ventilation system; giving your feet ample room to breathe. Most of their sandals are waterproof as well which makes them beach and pool friendly.


Excellent for medical ailments– Crocs are perfect for people with foot conditions and deformities that are aggravated by shoes with toe boxes that are too tight. Crocs provide a wide and roomy toe box, with lots of room for toes to spread out and lie flat.Crocs also offer a supportive heel cup that makes them an excellent choice for people that have swollen feet (plantar fascilitis). The contoured foot bed is designed to promote stability and reduce excess pronation.