5 Secret Tricks For Natural Men’s Beauty

Why should you care about having natural men’s beauty? Well… for one, you can’t wear make up. So fine lines, a weather-beaten appearance, bags under eyes, and quick aging is really going to hurt your image. It’s easy for a woman to look great… put on a fancy dress, lipstick, make up, etc. But for us, men’s beauty isn’t easy. Our image is our facial features and skin. Most women notice and focus on men’s facial features… And evidence of this shows up in dating reality tv shows.

So how can you be a natural with your looks? You want the results to just come and stay. Before going to work, out to the club, restaurant, or wherever, do you spend a lot of time grooming? Most guys do… We’re image concious more than ever before. But what most of us want are natural men’s beauty tips… Because a natural look shows up on a man’s face. Exactly where the attention lies. So today, I’m going to share 5 secret tricks for natural men’s beauty to sky-rocket your handsome factor. So what are they…

1. Sleep

With insufficient sleep, men develop saggy skin, droopy eyes, and bags around eyes. You must get consistent sleep… 7 to 8 hours each night. If you have trouble sleeping peacefully for this long, start a good physical exercise routine like fitness boxing… You’ll sleep very well each night.

2. H20

Water is necessary for hydrating your skin. Not enough water and you’ll never have natural men’s beauty. Water protects against a “weather-beaten” appearance, fine lines, and male pattern baldness. Essentially, water is a great anti aging tool. Drink water regularly throughout your day.

3. Interval fitness training

Obviously, if you want to be naturally better looking you’ve got to have a great exercise program. Physical exercise is key for men’s beauty because:

a) You will project more confidence
b) You’ll get firmer and younger looking skin
c) You’ll get more toned and have a better sculpted face

There’s a lot of scientific research on the benefits of fitness for men’s beauty. Use interval training for lightening fast results when you work out. What I mean is that you should train in rounds – like boxers and MMA fighters. Here’s an example of an interval training cardio workout:

a) Walk on a treadmill for 1.5 minutes
b) Run at speed 6 for 1.5 minutes
c) Walk for 1.5 minutes
d) Run at speed 8 for 1.5 minutes

Repeat this 3 times…

4. Live Clean

Use organic products for your skin. Organic ingredients with antioxidants will provide you with anti aging benefits… Essential for men’s beauty. We can’t cover up fine lines! I’ve found the best body washes to be Live Clean brands and Dial Anti-Oxidant brands.

5. Vitamins

Vitamin D, E, B-vitamins, and biotin are key for men’s beauty. B-vitamins and biotin help fight balding and vitamins D and E are great for your overall appearance and skin. Vitamin E increases oxygen intake. Why should you care? Not enough oxygen intake increases risk of cancer.

So there you have it. 5 surefire ways to achieving natural men’s beauty. Follow these religiously and be consistent. You’ll notice an improvment in your appearance and better men’s facial features.