5 Secrets Revealed in Feeding Your Rabbits

The normal lifespan of a rabbit is 5-8 years long but this could even last longer if you will only feed them right. Rabbits are very fond of foods. They even have a trait of pretending to be hungry even if they are already full which will make you feed them more thus by doing so will surely make them sick and obese. Obesity is one of the health problems of rabbits. Obese female rabbits will be having difficulties conceiving.

When feeding your rabbits, you must know what kind of food they want. Do not just feed then with anything because the food you will feed them might hurt them. You can consult your vet about this to make sure the food you are going to give is safe and free from harsh ingredients that could make your pet rabbit sick.

Every owner should see to it that they are giving the right and balanced diet for their pet rabbits. In feeding your rabbits, you should also include mire fiber on it which can be found in leafy veggies. Fiber is essential for their digestion. Bunnies lie humans have sweet tooth too thus feeding your rabbits with sweets could harm them. It’s up to you on how you will prepare your pet rabbit’s diet plan. Their health will depend on your hands.

Here are the lists of kinds of food that you should and shouldn’t give in feeding your rabbits:

1. Give him fresh and clean water all the times. If rabbit is dehydrated, give him Pedialyte to replenish the fluid that has been lost from his system.

2. Never feed your pet rabbits with any human sweets as well as cracker, nuts, grains, seeds, cereals and yogurt drops or any candies and such. All of these are poisonous and could kill your pet rabbits in no time at all.

3. As treats, give your pet rabbits some fruits instead like melons, apples, pineapples, papaya, banana, berries, pear and plums but give this in small amount because these foods are rich in calorie and sugar and overfeeding them with this could be harmful to their health.

4. Give your pet rabbit ample supply of oats and timothy hay for their digestion.

5. Pellets also should be given in right amount because these are also high in calorie thus will make them obese if overfed.