5 Simple Tools Help to Reunite With Your Ex

Sometimes in relationships we have small and baseless fights, arguments and say things in the heat of the moment that we ordinarily would not say under normal circumstances that sometimes cause us to have breakups. It is not always a big huge blowout that causes a relationship to end, but whatever the case or situation though you cannot take back some of the hurtful things you have said to each other, but there are tools that you can use to get your ex back. So if you’ve just had a little spat or a minor disagreement with your partner and are now in the midst of a breakup, this article is for you. You will learn the five ways in which you can reunite with your ex.

Be modest: If you have just had a fight, let a few days go by, and then call your ex. When they pick up, immediately, say that you did not call to fight, that you only wanted to say sorry, and I do not want to end our relationship this way. Speak in a calm manner and do not get into playing the blame game. When the conversation comes to an end, tell them that you will call them soon and hang up.

Believe that things have changed for good: It probably has been a while since you have played a game of make believe, but after you have concluded your conversation, put yourself in a “make believe” frame of mind. Pretend that everything is all right in the world and that tomorrow is a new day. Do things that you enjoy and have an interest in. Whatever, you do, mask your feelings; do not let anyone see how you truly feel on the inside.

Be fully attentive and alive to the situation: When you are having a conversation, do not forget to be fully engaged in communicating and listening. Let your partner, express themselves and tell you what is going on in their lives. Then do the same, let them know what is going on new in your world. When you share like this, you open doors and build your relationship back up and stronger than ever.

Never try and fool your partner: Sometimes we all tell lies about one thing or another; mainly because we do not want to hurt anyone, but honesty is the best key if you want to work things out with your ex. If you want to have a relationship that is happy and safe for communicating then you have to be honest with your feelings and all issues. Yes, sometimes your partner will get angry with you, but that will pass, and is a better alternative to having a big fight over the issue and the fact that you lied on top of it.

Find your sense of humor: It may be hard to do, but find your sense of humor. When you are conversing be funny. Everyone likes to be around a person that can make them laugh so tell jokes and funny stories, but do not go overboard. Let things flow on a natural course.