5 Tips To Help You Go To Bed Happy at Night

When your head hits the pillow at night you want to feel happy and ready for the rejuvenating sleep ahead. You do not want to be upset and angry, or worrying about the day ahead as this can give you a restless sleep and cause you to wake up with those same exact feelings in the morning.

Plus, a good night’s sleep is crucial to our health both physically and mentally. It repairs our body from the previous day, and allows us to dream which gives us insights into our life and days ahead.

Try these 5 tips throughout the day to ensure that you go to bed happy.

1. Be a good person during the day.

Help others, be friendly, and make other people’s days better because you were in it. This boosts the way you feel about yourself drastically. You feel good about what you contributed to not only your day, but to other people’s days as well. You can go to bed knowing that you made a difference. There’s nothing better than that!

2. Be thankful for your day and everyone and everything in it.

Whatever happened throughout your day happened for a reason. The experiences either taught you lessons in life that made you a better person, or moved you forward in life to the goals you are trying to achieve. Be grateful for all the experiences in your day and what they do for you and your happiness. You will naturally hit the pillow feeling good about what you have accomplished.

3. Live healthy

Choose to eat healthy foods during the day, and choose to get as much exercise as you can. Eating good makes you feel good because your body is not wasting time trying to digest hard to digest processed foods and other junk food. When your digestive track feels bad you feel bad mentally as well.

Exercise is a huge mood booster and can give you ‘feel good’ energy that lasts throughout the day and right until you fall asleep at night.

4. Do not go to bed angry.

The old saying is true. If you are angry at your spouse or family member then you will carry that into your sleep and next day. Try to resolve conflicts as they come up and then move past them quickly. Angry and upset feelings should not be carried around for long periods of time because they can make you sick and stressed.

If you find that you can’t resolve it with the person then let the anger go within yourself. Understand that just because they are not willing to be peaceful with you doesn’t mean that you can’t be peaceful with yourself.

5. Have goals for the future.

Goals are what keep us moving forward and feeling good about life. When you go to bed knowing that you are working towards a brighter future that you desire you feel good. You know that you’ve done what you can to keep you on your path throughout the day, and you can give yourself a pat on the back for being so determined and willing to make a great life for yourself.

One of your goals should be to go to bed happy every night. This will remind you to do things throughout the day that make you happy, and help you to avoid things that make you unhappy.