5 Top Reasons To Use The “get Traffic 3.0” To Dominate Facebook

1. Facebook is placed to get the very popular site.

Facebook PPC ads are clearly where your marketing efforts should lie at this time. Facebook currently ranked number two behind Google at Alexa.com. Online users already spend most of their time on Facebook (approximately 1 hour typically).

This causes it to be very no problem finding your market then sell anything using Facebook PPC ads. Jonathan Budd did some research about this and found that a lot of users who leave their Google search come immediately to Facebook.

2. Facebook Reportsfeed

When people interact on Facebook, especially on fan pages, their activity is spread virally. If the consumer hits like or comments or is tagged in a video, this activity is spread to their friends.

Which means that your Facebook PPC ads can divert traffic to an admirer page which could be a sandwich page. From your sandwich page, after that you can direct the consumer with a capture page where you collect the info and get leads into you sales funnel or funded proposal.

3. Facebook Ads Low-budget cost-per-click

Over a decade ago Google started its paid advertising service and there were plenty of millionaires made, especially due to the cheap cost per click. Facebook PPC ads are now in an identical position from what Google was in and youd be stupid to miss the opportunity to have low costs per click. You’ll try this by creating several ads which are targeting to exact specificity.

A good example may be, female, age 45-50, lives in Ohio, likes Jonathan Budd, interest include running, yoga, meeting new people. This may predict to cost 40 cents per click, but will likely end up being cheaper, such as 30 cents per click, simply by changing age group, the price per click might change.

4. Stress-free Atmosphere

Google ads have become powerful because individuals see them when they’re actively searching for information and are already in buying mode. This means that individuals want to buy when it is their very own choice. They dont want to be sold to. Most people searching in google dont even realize the ads are their deliberately geared towards them.

With Facebook, you would think that individuals would ignore the ads. However, they’re in relaxed mode and simpler to tap into their emotions. That is that much easier with being able to add images for the ads. The photographs dont necessarily have to be related either. For example, pictures of beautiful women get clicked on the lot. That old adage of sex sells is needed. By directing people straight with a fan page, this relaxed environment can continue.

5. Social Proof

If you send the visitors to an intermediate age, a fan page, it can be simple for individuals to see some social proof with regards to your offer. The Like button can certainly show social proof and spread your message virally.

Facebook PPC ads allow you to be very specific together with your targeting. BOLA TANGKAS
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Facebook has the ability to track much of your browsing history, even when you’re not logged on, and even if you aren’t a member of the social network at all. This is one of the methods used to deliver targeted advertising and ‘news’ to your Facebook feed. This is why you are unlikely to see anything that challenges your world view.

This feedback loop is fuelling the rise and power of ‘fake news’. “We’re seeing news that’s tailored ever more tightly towards those kinds of things that people will click on, and will share, rather than things that perhaps are necessarily good for them”, says one Media Analyst. This information grants huge power to those with access to it. Republican Party strategist Patrick Ruffini says, “What it does give us is much greater level of certainty and granularity and precision down to the individual voter, down to the individual precinct about how things are going to go”.

Resultantly, former Facebook journalist, Adam Schrader thinks that there’s “a legitimate argument to this that Facebook influenced the election, the United States Election results”.

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