5 Ways To Beat Obesity In Dogs

1. Food
Starting with the basics of what we feed our dogs is the best place to start. Dog food can contain high levels of proteins which may not be suitable for your dog and its lifestyle.

If your dog is overweight we would recommend a light dog food rather than a standard food and reducing the amount fed. You can find more detailed feeding advice on the bag itself or on the Swell Pets website.

2. Treats
As we all love to spoil our pets, we can over do the dog treats. One great rule to follow if you give your dog treats is to deduct that portion from their main meal. For example, if you have taken your dog on a long walk and your dog has earned their treat, great. If your dog hasnt done that much exercise and a treat has been given, reduce the amount of dog food they get that day.

Standard to larger breeds benefit from being fed twice a day. A typical border collie would have a mug of dog food for breakfast and the same for their evening meal. If you want to reward them with dog treats you can use some of the kibble as a reward which also saves on cost.

3. Exercise
Dogs love to be walked and need exercise on a daily basis. Its recommended that a good 30 minute walk per day is needed. Ideally more would be better, but again this has to suit your dog and lifestyle.

4. Leftovers
We all love to feel that we can spoil our dogs from time to time and many people often give them the scraps off their dinner plates. Its a nice treat, but you have to remember that it will contribute to weight gain. Any scraps given should be taken into account at feeding time, and you should try to reduce the portion size a little to prevent your dog piling on weight.

5. General health
If you maintain a healthy lifestyle and a good diet for your dog, but cannot help your pet lose its excess weight, we would recommend a visit to your vet. It is always best to get the dog checked out for any underlying illnesses that might be contributing to weight gain.