6 Alternative Treatments To Help You Recover From Lyme Disease

Although antibiotics have been proven effective in treating Lyme disease, many alternative treatments are also being considered to help treat Lyme disease as you may have read in Lyme disease blog. Lyme disease has responded well to these natural remedies at all stages of the disease, and with very few if any side effects. Here are the alternative treatments for Lyme disease that may aid your speedy recovery:

Consider cat’s claw

It is observed by some doctors that Samento or una de gato, also known as Cat’s claw, helps treat Lyme disease. A herbal medicine is manufactured from the extract of cat’s claws’ inner bark and is said to act as an antimicrobial therapeutic agent. Borrelia organisms, which cause Lyme disease, will be killed by this treatment, and even the neuropathic symptoms of Lyme disease will go away. It is most effective, and recommended for use, when combined with other digestive enzymes and detoxifying medication for a successful treatment of Lyme disease.

Using homeopathic remedies

Homeopathic remedies are alternative medications that are made from certain diluted preparations for specific illnesses. Not all of the remedies address the same stage of Lyme disease. They can be used along with antibiotics prescribed by your physician. Depending on the brand, the dosage and the frequency may differ. For example:

First stage (one to four weeks after the tick bite): Propolis formula made up of Propolis resin, Echinacea root, Red root, and Licorice root.

Second stage (one to five months after the tick bite): Lomatium formula made up of Lomatium root, Witch hazel, Elderberry, and Prickly ash.

Third stage (six months onward after the tick bite): Waltheria formula made up of Waltheria root, Osha root, American Ginseng root, and Artemesia annua.

Eat more garlic

Garlic is well known as a universal antibiotic. You can support and improve your immune system, as well as battling the Borrelia bacteria and supporting your Lyme disease treatment, by increasing the amount of garlic you eat.

Using of herbs of African origin.

It is a known fact now that the ailment of Lyme can be cured with the help of few of the African herbs such as African Potato extract, Hypoxis Rooperi and Buchu, Agathosma Betuloina, etc. They support and enhance your immune system, and they also act as natural agents for restoring your health.

Consuming probiotic-rich foods

Although not really an alternative treatment for Lyme disease, eating foods rich in probiotics, such as yogurt and kefir, will help protect you from gastrointestinal problems brought on by antibiotic intake. Probiotics contain good bacteria that can stimulate your immune system, helping you quickly recover from Lyme disease.

Take foods with full of vitamin c

In addition, Vitamin C enhances your body resistance against diseases. Foods rich in Vitamin C help to relieve the flu-like symptoms of Lyme disease quickly. Here are some examples of this sort of food, including fruits and vegetables in general, papaya, guava, red pepper, and Citrus fruits.

There are other natural remedies for treating Lyme disease which are being studied and observed by physicians. Such herbs work best in conjunction with antibiotics and help to relieve many side effects associated with antibiotics. BOLA TANGKAS