6 Natural Ways to Stop Pimples Fast/ Naturally Get Rid Of Pimples

If you are seeking for ways to get rid of pimples to have a clean, clear, attrative face as long as sexy appearance without having to use acne cream, then read on this article to discover more.


1. Wash your face with sea water five times a day


Sea water has been used for centuries in treating acne and sores on the face. Sea water acts to clean and remove any dirt, sweat and oil from the face which helps to prevent pimple. A good number amount you should wash your face is at least 5 times a day. You should wash your face once in the morning and before bed, and every time you eat a meal. Doing this will make your face free from pimples.


2. Use organic soap to wash your face


When cleaning and washing your face, you should always use organic soap. This is because un-organic soap contains chemicals that will damage your skin. This exposes your skin to infection and other harmful skin conditions. Organic soap does not damage your skin.

3. Avoid caffeine


Drinking too much caffeine will make you produce acne. This is because caffeine helps to secrete excess oil on your skin. Excess oil on your skin makes you produce more acne. So if possible, avoid drinks that avoid caffeine like soft drinks, coffee or even tea.


4. Eat more green vegetables and fruit


Eating more fruit and green vegetables helps to clean all the toxins and bacteria from your body. Hence, the more you eat green vegetables and fruit, the healthier your skin will be.


5. Take Vitamin C supplements


Taking Vitamin C will help boost your immune system. The better your immune system, the less prone you are for you to develop acne. This is because when your immune system is strong, it stops bacteria from developing which stops pimples in its tracks. Oranges and lemon contain a lot of vitamin C, so they are a good source of food to take to stop pimples.


6. Avoid stress


Stress makes the skin more prone to infection and skin conditions. This is because when you are stressed, your immune system is significantly lowered. So any harmful bacteria can invade your skin which can produce nasty spots on your face. Some examples to reduce stress is meditation or practicing yoga exercises which has been scientifically proven to reduce stress.