6 Reasons Why I Hate Going to the Gym

Here are a few quick reasons why I hate going to the gym:

It takes me 30 minutes to drive down to the gym, and another 30 minutes to come back home. I hate this drive. That’s an hour of my life, each day wasted just sitting and staring at the road ahead. I have more important things to do
People in the gym are doing the same stupid things that everyone else and their fitness magazines are doing. My fitness philosophy is completely different. People stare at me when I’m doing supersets of dumbbell snatches and hindu pushups.
I hate waiting for equipment. All I need is a pair dumbells, a set of barbells, and my bodyweight to workout. But these stupid bodybuilders always hog the squat rack and the bench press. Even when it’s not busy, there’s always some steroid pumper staring at himself near while squatting with heavy weights and horrible form.
I don’t even use all the equipment there, so why am I paying $ 50 a month when I don’t even use the ellipticalls, treadmills, or any of the other strength equipment there. Instead, if you invest $ 50 a month in dumbbells, you can create your own home gym within a year.
People don’t wipe their sweat away. Do you know how many germs reside in an average gym? Your toilet is cleaner than the dumbbell you’re lifting at the gym. Yeah, sounds disgusting, right? Now all the germaphobes are going to drop their gym memberships.
There’s always one person who will come up to me and tell me that I’m snatching the improper way. “Dude, you’re going to mess up your back.” And then I say, “Cool, show me how to do it.” Then he tells me I shouldn’t do the exercise because it’s not even safe. Screw you, let me do my own thing! I don’t come up to you and tell you how to do you sissy dumbbell curls, do I?