7 Appliances Common Misunderstanding – Antibacterial Refrigerator, Air Conditioner Health –

Able to store food, but not all of the refrigerator can keep food fresh and nutritious.

1, long-term preservation of antibacterial refrigerator

Everyone knows the main reason for deterioration of food is the role of microorganisms and enzymes in the decomposition of corruption caused. At low temperature, the microbial and enzyme activity was inhibited. General at 2 to 6 microbial and enzyme activity, greatly reduced; -18 , the activities of microorganisms and enzymes essential to stop, refrigerator food is mainly based on the biological rules.

The market claim to real quality or freshness of “healthy bacteria” health fridge, mainly in the refrigerator walls, shelves and other components handle the raw materials to add anti-bacterial antimicrobial to inhibit bacterial growth and reproduction play effect. It should be said for this approach is good for people’s health. Need to be reminded that the advertisements of certain manufacturers to be vigilant, do not think that “antibacterial” refrigerator can “sterilization”, it is the role of inhibition of bacteria in the refrigerator components on the growth of bacteria for the food itself powerless. Therefore, the refrigerator must be cleaned of food cooked.

Mistakes 2, Health
Air conditioning
Air conditioning disease prevention

Air conditioning disease say many people who would like to have concerns about air conditioning equipment, household air conditioners manufacturers for this kind of psychological, so-called “healthy air.” With large measures: multi-filter to remove particulate matter the size of the air and smell; using so-called “Photocatalyst technology” to use the interior to absorb the harmful gas; the addition of a negative ion generator. Such measures can guarantee the health, making it “healthy air” mean?

Answer is no. Disease is not air conditioning or indoor air filtration badly smell and production, but caused by indoor air is not fresh. To save energy, air-conditioned room mostly behind closed doors, and outdoor fresh air isolation. Therefore, the indoor oxygen excess carbonic acid gas emission does not go out. As we all know, enough oxygen is the primary factor in the maintenance of human health, but also suppresses the important conditions for bacterial growth. At present, both domestic cabinet air conditioners or split are not new wind tunnel in attracting new air interface and features, is completely within the circle of air conditioning. No matter how improved, if not how can the introduction of outdoor fresh air conditioning disease?

Misunderstanding 3
Water Heater
Water power

Electric water heater is already mature technology products, water and electric water heater is electric water heaters in that the design of the structure, including taking water on two-way completely separated from the design, is also necessary to ensure water heater becomes a commodity, do safety principles. The water power of argument and practice itself there is not scientific.

First of all, if the product safety of electrical leakage performance of well, how Xuyong power to electric shock? Second, these “power” devices will increase the cost of products and prices deviate from the principles of product safety should be to buy some so-called security guarantee, whether it is fair to consumers? Again, any household electrical appliances including water heaters frequently switch will shorten its life, Anyway, if the power in the bath, and means that electric water heater not heating, then, as the washing time increased, the outflow of water will increasingly the cold, then need to re-use a whole bucket of cold water Heat, it continued to heat than the electricity to charge much more.

Mistakes 4, with
Microwave ovens
Need to prevent leakage

From a microwave oven works see: microwave oven magnetron microwave energy into electrical energy, when the magnetron to 2450Mz microwave frequencies that can be emitted when the microwave oven cavity of 24.5 water molecules per second 100 000 000 1 000 times the change in oscillation frequency of operation, each magnetic molecule collision, friction produces heat energy, heating food. Anti-leakage microwave oven should Yue in the manufacture of microwave ovens have been the first to be resolved. Manufacturers have taken the appropriate measures to prevent leakage, the way the first one is called mechanical leakage, some well-known foreign manufacturers of microwave ovens, also by surround suppression of the structure, so that the entire microwave oven leakage to a minimum.