7 Best Ways to Take Care of Your Black Angelfish

When you are planning to keep black angelfish, its tank should have a large amount of water quality because they love to swim around. They also favor of swimming around with live plants, some algae, rocks, pebbles and some set up caves. A 30 gallon tank should be big enough to accommodate both open swimming and plant filled areas. Its Latin name is Pterophyllum scalare. With 4 inches size, this angel can be found in the Amazon Basin. The fragile fins on Black Angel Fish have transparent webbing on them. Being calm and graceful, they can adjust well and easily to other community fish on the aquarium.

The female black angelfish will lay the eggs and the male angelfish will follow the female angel behind to start to fertilize. After just about three days, the angelfish’s eggs will be hatch and the angel fry will come out. You may start feeding the angel fry some newly hatched brine shrimp until they are large enough to accept and feed to crushed flake food. This Angelfish needs on its diet a variety of foods such as vegetables as well as meaty foods. Give them with a quality fish flake food as well as live and frozen foods such as brine shrimp and bloodworms.

When you are trying to breed your fish, it is best to house a number of angels in the same aquarium or tank until they start pairing. After a pair has developed, there must be a flat surface where angelfish can lay their eggs. A piece of slate, a large plant leaf, or even a flowerpot is advisable and should be positioned at an angle of about 30 degrees in the aquarium with moderate water flow.

Here are some ways on how you should take care for your black angelfish:

1. House your black angelfish in a tank that is at least 30 gallons.

2. Identify your fish correctly as black angelfish to help ensure that you provide proper care.

3. Properly set up you filter and heater

4. Plant some live aquatic plants such as algae

5. Feed your fish with tropical fish flakes

6. Provide your black angelfish with some tank mates such as tetras, plecos, rasboras and guppies.

7. Add aquarium decorations such as rocks and driftwood, but arrange them properly so they could have enough space to swim in.

Make sure you know and recognize your black angelfish well to give the proper care for them. Usually, black angelfish are ebony in color with some hint or patterns of gray. It has long flowing fins, disk-shaped body and it can grows up to 6 inches. Tropical fish flake is one of black angelfish’s favorites. But you can also feed them with some frozen foods such as bloodworms, mosquito larvae, brine shrimp and some black worms. Being omnivores, you can also give them some veggies on their diets.