7 dimmension for reading better

The reading skills that you need to develop to improve your reading ability can be categorised into seven Dimension. These dimensions are

1) Understanding vocabulary- developing the ability to understanding vocabulary in context. The word is most basic building block of any piece of writing.

2) Ability to identify and understand main ideas- the ability to identify the main ideas is perhaps the most important factor for good reading skill. The main idea is to answer to the question – what is the main point that the author is trying to make in the paragraph.

3) Ability to predict and identify supporting details- supporting details are generally in the forms of illustration reasons, factual evidence reasons that explain main ideas of the reading material.

4) Understanding idea organisation pattern- most writers have a tendency to use structure words phrases that show relationship between ideas. The use of these structure words and phrases in writing guide the reader in the similar way as a road sign help a tourist understand direction.

5) Facts opinion and inferences- a fact is information that can be proved through objective evidence. This evidence may be in the form of physical proof or spoken or written testimony of witness. The opinion on the other hand can be seen as someone points of view of an issue. There is no way to physically verify the truth of the statement. The skill to differentiate between fact and opinion is a key skill possessed by expert readers and it is tested extensively.

6) Identifying purpose and tone- behind everything ever written there is always a living person who has his own collection of facts and his own opinions about the issue being written? The author also has his own purpose of writing the passage conveys the ideas he want to convey by using a particular tone something that gives an insight into his/her attitude and feelings.

7) Recognising and evaluating arguments and their common structure.