7 Health Tips For Kids Going Back To School

Health is one of the main concerns of parents when their kids are going to school. It is important to keep the kids healthy. Few days of absences due to sickness will make your kids miss a lot of learning opportunities making them hard to cope up with the class. So here are some of my tips on how to keep your kids healthy and illness-free in school.

1) Give then Nutritious food stuffs. Always prepare your kids nutritious foods. You can have a fruit in every meal of your child and let them drink milk twice a day. Since kids are out of sight when they are in school, you can always keep reminding them not to eat so many sweets, chocolates, street food, chips and other related foods that are not so good on kid’s stomach. Also you may supply plenty of vitamin C to help boost the immune system of your kids. Include orange juice in their breakfast and foods rich in vitamin C throughout the day. If necessary, you may provide some food supplements.

2) Wash their Hands all the time. Hand washing is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of germs and other diseases. Remind your kids to wash their hands often especially before and after their meals. It is advisable that you attach a bottle of hand sanitizer or alcohol to their school bags for trouble-free and immediate applications.

3.) Give them enough bed rest. To make your kids healthy, they should have proper and enough rest. For kids, 8-10 hours of bed rest is advisable per day. As a parent, you must limit their time consume in televisions, computer and video games. Also, providing them a more comfortable bed is an advantage to make them comfortable and have little distractions while sleeping. The body needs sleep to rejuvenates and have some repairs. If your kids do not have enough number of sleeping hours, their health is at risk.

4.) Immunize your Kids. Being immunize means you are protected to a lot of diseases. It serves as armor against specific viruses and germs depending on what kind of immunization is given to you. It is advisable to visit your doctor regularly with minimum of two per year so that an illness can be detected even before it will become severe and hard to cure. By consulting, you can give your kids up-to-date immunizations.

5.) Cough into the elbow. Teach your kids not to cough and sneeze in their hands or everywhere. Otherwise, they could spread and transfer the germs easily just by touching someone. It is safe to do it in elbows. By doing such, you can avoid the spread of germs.

6.) Let them use Strollers or Backpack with double straps. Most schools ask students to bring their textbooks. Along with the notebooks, lunch box, and other school-related stuff, the school bag of your kids seem so heavy for your little kids. You can help alleviate this by providing your kids backpacks with chest straps on both sides and small padding for support. Don’t let them use single strap bags or sling bags or else, they may develop some back problems, misalignment and other related health problems. Also, you can let them try stroller bags so that they will just have to keep on pushing it. It is lot easier. However, the sounds they produce when dragging them on the road is disgusting and annoying.

7.) As parents, be healthy also. It is necessary that you who keep your kids healthy must also be healthy. Parents who are always with the kids can easily transmit the virus if they have illness. That is why, as parents, you must be careful with your health also and protect yourself diseases so that you can handle well the task of keeping your kids healthy. BOLA TANGKAS