7 Proven Ebay Business Tips To Help You Sell Things On Ebay By Virtual Office Assistants

Ebay Business is competitive like never before. The number of ebay sellers is always on the rise. With this high level competition, success will be with those who are willing to learn and improve the way they do ebay business. Online Trading experts share proven tips to make eBay Selling easy and profitable for you.

Ensure that you are using these 7 simple yet effective ebay business tips to sell things on ebay successfully-

ebay Business Selling Tips 1- Use Quality Pictures Of Your Product

Add professional and good quality images to make your buyer look into your listings, which in turn will increase traffic to your listing page. Include freebies to attract your customers and convert this traffic into sales. You can promote the freebies, like free shipping, free product, etc on the listing image. Here is a useful resource that will help you understand the basics of ebay listing pictures. If you do not have the time to follow all instructions, simply outsource to a professional. But, you have to ensure that you give clear guidelines to the ebay virtual assistant on your preferences on ebay listing images and if you would like to add some promos like Free Shipping, or Freebies.

ebay Business Selling Tips 2- Study, Explore, and Succeed – Learning Should Never Stop

eBay is a big online platform where the products and their prices change time to time. Keep yourself updated on varying prices and hot selling products. Paying attention on the closing auctions regularly would help you estimate the value and price of your product better. Also, it is important that you do competitor and market research regularly to be on top of whats happening on the ebay business marketplace. You can use tools like Terapeak to take better informed decisions on prices and titles and also what to sell and when.

We at OBVA Virtual Assistant Company run regular internet research reports for our clients to help them write better listing titles, select better product portfolio to sell and also to effectively price the products. You can also subscribe to our ebay blog for regular updates on ebay selling articles and ebay news.

ebay Business Selling Tips 3- Your Shipping Should Be Fast, Reliable And Cost Effective

Offer the best and safest shipping method to your customers. Always ensure the orders are shipped on time. One great way to ship within 24 hours or less is to use a virtual assistant to print shipping labels during night and then morning you can immediately ship these products to customers. We at OBVA use Shipworks to print bulk shipping labels and then the products are shipped in morning. This way we get to work 24/7 to ensure that customers feedback say Fast Shipping all the time!

Regarding shipping prices, give a detailed chart on the various shipping methods and their corresponding charges, so that the customers can opt for the one that suits them. Give prior information to the customers, if the shipment is delayed due to unavoidable circumstances. If you inform them on time, chances are they wont leave an unfavorable feedback for your store.

ebay Business Selling Tips 4- Focus On Writing An Effective Listing

Your listing description should be simple and effective, as it will help you convert your listing page visitors into customers. Make sure that you have covered the product features, price, size, shipping cost, etc. in your listing. Use optimized keywords in your listing so that your product is easy to search. If you are unable to write effective listing, then get the help from ebay experts, or ebay business virtual assistants to make your listings SEO optimized.

ebay Business Selling Tips 5- Provide Additional Payment Options

Encourage your customers by offering more payment options. This will help you to become an international seller, as it would attract international buyers to bid on your product which in turn would increase your sales. If the option they wanted to pay is not included in your listing, then there is a chance of losing a potential customer. Here is the link for ebay payment policy to help you choose the best payment options which are convenient for you and the buyers, both. Of all the listed payment options, Paypal is most commonly used.

ebay Business Selling Tips 6- Get Feedback

Feedback helps you estimate your progress and competitiveness in the eBay market. A flawless feedback ratings profile gives an instant confidence boost of the prospective bidders and buyers. More bids result in higher prices and higher sales too. A clean feedback profile differentiates you from other sellers. At times, even most successful stores end up getting neutral and negative feedbacks from customers. You can follow up with those unhappy customers to immediately get the feedback revised. You get time upto 60 days to do so. If you dont have the time to manage customer service turnaround time or follow up with feedbacks, simply hire a ebay business assistant who will quickly help and assist your customers.

ebay Business Selling Tips 7- Be Organized And Follow Business Rules

Make sure that you follow all the business rules such as registering your business in eBay, tracking and maintaining required reports, shipping on time, reasonably charging and paying the taxes without fail. Provide superior customer service to your valuable customers that will build good reputation in the eBay platform. The more you act professionally the more you can increase your sales.

These effective tips are regularly used by OBVA Professional Virtual Assistants for our client stores. Using these simple tips you can improve reputation of your eBay business gradually.
You may subscribe to our ebay blog for regular updates on ebay business tips and news. To hire an ebay virtual assistant, please fill in this form and we will contact you within 24 business hours. We never work for your competitor stores. BOLA TANGKAS