7 Steps To Boost Your Sex Life

Getting scientific about sex in the name of procreation can take out all the fun out of making babies. Nature intended it to be fun and pleasurable.

Orgasms are amazing immune boosters and stress busters. They do wonders for the pelvic region, infusing the area with fresh oxygen and nutrients.

During orgasm your feel good hormones: endorphins are released. Studies have shown that endorphins can increase pain tolerance by 70%. These feel good hormones can alleviate fear, anxiety, headaches, period cramps and promote a feeling of deep relaxation and wellbeing.

Endorphins are not the only hormones that get released during sexual climax.

Studies have found, a steroid hormone DHEA, gets released shortly before climax in several times the normal quantity. DHEA promotes glowing skin, boosts immune function, improves brain function, supports the cardiovascular system, fat metabolism and even has antiageing properties! Who wouldnt want some of that?

Other three hormones (among others) which get released as a result of an orgasm are serotonin, oxytocin and estrogen.

Serotonin is another feel good hormone shown to reduce cravings for alcohol, cigarettes and junk food.

Oxytocin boosts trust and feeling of closeness to your partner. And incidentally this is also one of the hormones released during breastfeeding to encourage bonding between the mother and her baby.

Women who have sex on a weekly basis have higher levels of estrogen which can regulate menstrual cycle, increase HDL (good cholesterol), decrease LDL (bad cholesterol), improve bone density, strengthen the cardiovascular system and make your skin soft and glowing!

And if that is not enough you will also burn approximately 140 calories during sex and your appetite will be temporarily suppressed thanks to an alkaloid phenetylamine released during sex.

Need I say more?

Ok, here is one of the most important benefits of orgasm: Super Immunity. Studies have shown that regular orgasms can boost your immunity by 20%. In particular we are talking here about infection, cold and flu fighting antibodies. During sex you also flush out toxins (in the sweat) and increase oxygenation of the cells (deep breathing)!

So if you are not making most of this God given gift already here are:

The 7 steps to boost your sex life

1. She likes longer foreplay and getting turned on it the mind is the key. Be totally honest about your fantasies and share them with your partner.

2. He likes visual stimulation. Go shopping for the lingerie he finds stimulating.

3. Discover Kama Sutra.

4. Change the scenery. Having sex only in the bed and your bedroom can get boring. Discuss with your partner what would appeal to both of you. Be like teenagers again!

5. Nourish the inner child and dont forget to live. Being focused on your work, home and trying to get pregnant can turn your life into a routine in which you dont have the time to even think about what it is you enjoy. What are your hobbies? If you cant think of any, what were your hobbies as a child/teenager? Take time out each week to do the things you love/used to love and nourish your inner child. The child like curiosity about life will return and open up new possibilities for you. For we see only what or mind allows us to see, by expanding your mind your options and new possibilities will appear on the horizon.

6. Take a break from the usual surroundings. This can vary from a holiday or a weekend away or even just a night in nice hotel in your city. New surroundings influence our brain to view things a new. Make it a habit to escape the routine on a regular basis. Change is as good as a holiday.

7. Food delicious food! There is a lot to be said about aphrodisiac food and spices. Get creative in the kitchen and whip up a delicious dinner (organic ingredients please!) that would even make Aphrodite blush. Here are some aphrodisiac foods and spices:

– Asparagus
– Cacao
– Celery
– Dates
– Durian fruit
– Oysters
– Pimento
– Pineapple
– Pomegranate
– Sweet potatoes
– Squash
– Basil
– Cardamom
– Cayenne
– Ginger
– Cinnamon
– Vanilla

What are you waiting for? Instead of relying on drugs, junk food and vices to make you feel good, have sex instead and boost your fertility in the process!

Copyright 2009 Iva Keene and Natural Fertility Prescription